Posted by: Witch Doctor | January 1, 2009

A New Year Message to Dr Scot Junior


Weel Laddie, ye might say 2008 was yin o’ these seminal years fur ye.

Ye’ll no be ha’in anothir yin like th’on in a hurry.

The best thing ye can dae noo, is knuckle under and get real nick-nackity wi yer craft and turn yersel’ intae a damn good surgeon.

Then get yersel’ a consultant post.

Then ye can say whit ye want tae a’ thae natterin’ neep-heidits that are buggin’ ye.

An’ maybe ye’ll become yin o’ thae leaders yersel’ that they a’ seem tae be cryin’ oot fur nooadays.

But if ye swear laddie, ye can expect The Matriarch Witch o’ the Clan tae wash yer mouth oot wi’ soap fur ye.

Aye. Carbolic soap at that!


leadership in practice, stupid ……………………


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