Posted by: Witch Doctor | January 2, 2009

The use of sticks in medicine


My Black Cat, do you remember when, a long time ago, some little boys who in the parlance of the day, were called “street urchins” introduced Laennec to a game they were playing with a long stick. They showed him how, if you listened at one end of the stick, you could clearly hear the scratching of a pin at the other end.

Much later, Laennec, who by then had become a physician, put what the young “street urchins” had taught him to good use. Together, they had invented the stethoscope.

Dr Neil Bacon, seems happy to draw a comparison.


I suppose they have both tried to make use of sticks, My Black Cat.

One successfully, the other………

” Dr Neil Bacon, of Shipton-Under-Wychwood, a renal specialist at the Churchill Hospital, in Headington, sparked outrage among doctors earlier this year when he launched website, which allowed the public to give doctors individual reviews.

He said: “This is the future of the NHS. A patient-led service where doctors are answerable to their patients.

“Everyone thought I was mad when I did it, but then people thought the stethoscope was a mad creation when it was first invented. “

However, Dr Bacon, who is quoted as a renal specialist at The Churchill Hospital Headington, is critical of the rating system that will soon appear in “NHS Choices.”

““The only place where they may have shot themselves in the foot is by not adding a function whereby people can rate individual doctors.”

So Dr Bacon and Mr Bradshaw are not in complete agreement, My Black Cat.

We think Mr Bradshaw has been watching Dr Bacon’s site closely and has used it as a tester.

Don’t we, My Black Cat?

We think Mr Bradshaw has formed the opinion he will not get away with naming individual doctors – yet.

And then it will Creep.

We could be wrong of course………

redapple.jpg a red apple ……………………

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