Posted by: Witch Doctor | January 3, 2009

The Ancient Bottle Spell


Who’s she?

It’s me, My Black Cat.

It’s me!

Don’t you remember the way I looked, a long long time ago?


In 2009 I am going to cast The Ultimate Spell.

Several times.

I am just beginning to master it.

Very few witches can do this spell, My Black Cat. It requires much experience, concentration, and a lifetime of learning.



It is simply called The Ancient Bottle Spell.

Only a few of the most respected witches have access to The Ancient Bottle which contains the spell.

The witching community keep it well hidden.

You will not find it in A Spell Pantry anywhere in the world.

It’s location is only known to seven witches.

The Witch Doctor is now one of the seven.

So, The Witch Doctor is indeed honoured to be given access to the ingredients for this, the most ancient of spells.

The few witches who can cast this extraordinary spell can call upon important moments of their life from long ago in the most intricate detail. Moments that are eternal. Moments that have as much meaning now as they had then. Furthermore, the witch who has truly mastered this spell becomes the age she was at that time. If necessary, they can become young again.

This is a very useful thing to be able to do, My Black Cat, because sometimes The Humankind think that old witch doctors are just…. well, old witches. They don’t listen to old witches. They have forgotten that within each of us is the child, the teenager, the student, the young witch doctor and every moment in time thereafter with all its unique pattern of experience. Experiences just as alive and important now as they were then. If we take on the appearance we had then, The Humankind find us more credible. This is because The Humankind are very vulnerable to suggestion, advertising, marketing. And therefore Creep. The Humankind have crept into the notion that an old face means lack of lustre, lack of knowledge, lack of neurones.

Yes, Creep, which is the consequence of being suggestible, causes all of this.

We need to do something to help them with their Creep.

Don’t we, My Black Cat?

Because Creep can lead to Dire Times.

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  1. […] the meantime, I’ll try An Ancient Bottle Spell to make The Old Brain young […]

  2. […] the meantime, I’ll try An Ancient Bottle Spell to make The Old Brain young […]

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