Posted by: Witch Doctor | January 9, 2009

Two sackings and two suspensions.


The Witch Doctor, to her knowledge, has only ever known one member of staff who was sacked. It was some time ago. At that time, the system, perhaps wrongly, was considered to be fair and no one questioned the dismissal. Although the individual’s personality could be abrasive, there was a little bit of rallying around him and he was given a job elsewhere. Some believed there was “no smoke without fire” and did not consider whether or not he had been dealt with fairly. Perhaps he had not been. However, in these days, perhaps naively, most people trusted the system.

More recently, The Witch Doctor knew a member of staff who was suspended. He omitted to do something. Nothing very serious – rather he forgot to fill in a bit of paper. It did not involve patient care and it was a silly oversight by him. The suspension was initiated rather over-enthusiastically by HR. However the head of the clinical department where the member of staff worked was told nothing of the suspension until it was a fait accompli. By then a complex protocol had kicked in and no-one could stop it trundling along. It was a pain in the neck to sort out and the matter could have been dealt with very simply. The suspension may or may not have followed due procedure. One thing was certain, there was no rational thought going on by those following the protocol.

Nowadays, with knowledge of the lumbering way protocols and procedures in the NHS work, and how an individual can be made a scapegoat for faults that lie elsewhere, The Witch Doctor takes a different view. She believes in innocence until she sees for herself the evidence of guilt. Even if guilty, she needs to know that the “punishment” has been proportionate to the “crime.”

Sacking and possible loss of future employment as a doctor is considered to be a serious “punishment” so the “crime” needs to be serious.

That is why we witches had no qualms whatsoever in supporting a trainee surgeon who in his own way used a type of language known as “Swear Blogging” to attract attention to what he and a large proportion of the medical profession considered to be a serious injustice. The only punishment we would have imposed, would have been to wash his mouth out with soap!

And now, a sacked consultant.

We witches will support her if she requires support.

For, at the present time we think the “punishment” does not seem to fit the “crime.”

We are not even sure there has been a “crime”.

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