Posted by: Witch Doctor | January 10, 2009

A letter to Dr Shirine Boardman and a telegram to The Oldest Sage Witch


I think we need The Oldest Sage Witch here to get her to work documenting a few things.

Eh, My Black Cat?

See if you can raise her or send her a telegram or something.

She should be out of her New Year Stupor by now.



In the meantime, The Witch Doctor is writing a little letter here to Dr Shirine Boardman which I hope she’ll find.

Dear Dr Boardman,

If you read this blog, you will be aware that we witches do not wholly trust the system that is operating within the NHS any more.

We witches know that we might be made scapegoats if we deviate even slightly from the constraints imposed upon us when we try to do our best in the practice of medicine nowadays. Things are quite different from the way they once were many years ago. Indeed, more than likely The Witch Doctor would be sacked nowadays for her midnight feasts theft of pigswill pink pudding and warm cheese scones.

There is only one question that needs to be asked, whatever the circumstances.

It is this:

“Did I do what I thought was best for patients?”

If the answer to that question is “yes” then we witches would say we have been true to ourselves and our profession.

A profession that, for one reason or another, is being steadily and relentlessly de-professionalised.

And, having been true to ourselves, then we witches NEVER, NEVER, EVER ALLOW OURSELVES TO BECOME VICTIMS.

We do not apologise.

We do not plead for mercy.

We do not plead for anything.


We fight.

And how we fight!

Even the witches who are nice and friendly and pleasant and vulnerable fight.

And yes, these friendlier witches that seem far too nice to fight really do take The Loud, Weak, Humankind by surprise.

Yes. We witches, who by nature are always happier flitting around the shadows, can and will dominate if required.

And how!

And to date, we have always won.

It can be a bit taxing at times.

And tedious.

But worth it.

Because, if we don’t dominate the domineering we set precedents.

And many more will suffer.

That is what we witches do.

And will continue to do.

I suppose it’s because we witches are not trained to turn the other cheek. We tend to collect eyes and teeth to stir into our cauldrons!

Best wishes,

The Witch Doctor.

redapple.jpg a red apple ……………………

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