Posted by: Witch Doctor | January 12, 2009

Found well hidden among the plums


A familiar name is hidden among all of this mess, My Black Cat. Maybe I’ll remember in the morning where I’ve come across it before!

Hey, My Black Cat, Jobbing Doctor has made the connection that was beyond this old witch’s brain last night.



Here is Jobbing Doctor’s question:

“Now is this Mr Glen Burley, who sacked Dr Boardman (a decision that Jobbing Doctor thinks is outrageous) any relation to the Mr Glen Burley who was involved in the suspension of Dr Mattu at Coventry?”

Well, we think we might be able to help answer that question.

Don’t we, My Black Cat?


“Warwick Hospital has appointed a new chief executive from a trust which has axed 720 jobs in order to save money.
Glen Burley will move to the Lakin Road site on October 1 to take over from chief executive Graham Smith who was hired temporarily in May after Janet Monkman resigned due to the trust’s financial problems.

Mr Burley is currently deputy chief executive of Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, which looks after Worcestershire Royal, The Alexandra in Redditch and Kidderminster Treatment Centre.”

This Mr Burley is good at saving money it seems, My Black Cat.

“The Worcestershire trust announced in April that one in seven of the staff at the three hospitals would go in a bid to save £30 million. Other cost-cutting plans have included sacking four hospital chaplains, in order to save £100,000, and ward closures.”

It seems to be done by getting rid of people.

Clearly hospital chaplains are considered to be “The Icing on the Cake”

And here it is, My Black Cat.

The answer to the Jobbing Doctor’s question:

Mr Burley has been director of operations for the surgery division of University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire and director of finance, information and business planning at South Warwickshire Mental Health Services NHS Trust.”


And, hidden among all the plums is this:

“……….and all have failed to be upheld when heard before panels comprising his clinical colleagues. His constant victimisation and harassment by the Trust Management led Dr Mattu to raise a formal complaint against Dr Stephen Evans, Consultant Anaesthetist and Clinical Director, and Mr Glen Burley, Directorate Manager of the Surgery Directorate. They both walked out of the Trust inquiry hearing (21st September 2001) and refused to take part, adamant that they did not wish to be cross examined, despite previously agreeing to this process 7 weeks earlier.

23. To date, the Trust has failed to progress this matter and neither Dr Evans nor Mr Burley have been subject to an investigation, suspension or disciplinary action.

24. In contrast, on 21 February 2002, the very afternoon that Professor Liam Donaldson (Chief Medical Officer) declared that no further suspensions of consultants will occur unless there was clear evidence of risk to patients, one of the three Medical Directors (Dr Lionel Booth) and the acting Director of Personnel (Mrs Karen Martin) arrived unannounced at Dr Mattu’s office and suspended him on the basis of an allegation of intimidation and harassment by a junior doctor. An attempt was made by Karen Martin to seize Dr Mattu’s personal property, including his personal computer. This was unsuccessful. Dr Mattu was then escorted off the premises.

25. Within one hour the contents of Dr Mattu’s secretary’s computer had been downloaded by the IT department and the locks on his door had been changed. This had been ordered by the Chief Executive.

26. Within one hour Mr Edward Needham, Dr Mattu’s Research Assistant, was also suspended by Mr Glen Burley. No reason was given and Mr Needham was instructed to leave the premises forthwith.

So, are there one or two Mr Glen Burleys within the NHS in that part of the world, My Black Cat?

The evidence, as it stands at the moment, seems to point to one.

Only one.

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