Posted by: Witch Doctor | January 15, 2009

Why they creep…..


The Human Kind have now been told they creep because they can’t help it.

We witches have been trying to tell them that for ages, My Black Cat, but no-one listens.


“Researchers believe that the brain re-educates itself if its views are in conflict with the norm.

The process could explain why we consider being too different as one of the most fundamental social mistakes.

It could also explain why people follow fashion trends or join religious groups and even the rise of extreme political movements like the Nazis and Soviet communism.”

Scary stuff…….


  1. Can Drs Pal, Rant, Jobbing, Grumble, Scot and Bloggs please be excused on the grounds they are slow learners?

  2. C’mon. Slow learners my foot! You lot!!!! You won’t get sucked in to the black hole because you are obviously all heterozygous witches!

    You don’t know it, of course.

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