Posted by: Witch Doctor | January 16, 2009

Lord Darzi listens to the witches


My Black Cat and I are delighted to report that Lord Darzi must be reading our blog.

He has introduced “An Aide Memoire”

Now, from the very earliest posts on our blog, we have made it clear that we witches could not survive without our Aide Memoires. They are an appendage to our brains but, unlike protocols,which are very dangerous things, they do not replace our brains.

No. Nothing replaces a witches brain.




For example, The Book of Spells is the best known and oldest of our Aide Memoires. We could not do without it. We do not always have to refer to it and we sometimes vary the spells to suit ourselves and the situation. However, we always refer to the Book of Spells at the most critical stages of a very dangerous spell, because it focuses our minds, and stops us chattering among ourselves at that stage when the slightest mistake could lead to a terrible calamity.

This is Common Sense.

We witches have many other Aide Memoires. For example, The Witch Doctor’s other site is an Aide Memoire.

In fact, druing The Witching Hour tonight, I’m going to change its name to “The Witch Doctor’s Aide Memoire.” At the moment it’s called “The Witch Doctor’s CPD.” This is because it’s all the rage with The Humankind at the moment to double the time it takes to learn anything by recording every thought and notion in writing so that somebody at Arms Length from The Government can read it and pretend they are some kind of judge. The Arms Length Person will be rewarded for this of course. When we witches record our innermost thoughts and call it Continuing Professional Development we do it tongue and cheek because think it is a great joke. We know generations to come will think it’s a great joke too, so we want to record the laugh for posterity.

However – back to Aide Memoires. As well as The Book of Spells and “CPD” Websites, we also do simpler things like tie little plaits in our hair and knots in out cats tails.

Protocols, on the other hand, are designed for those who do not have the background, training and experience to know what they are doing. Protocols are very difficult to design (usually by a committee far away from where the action is) and require a lot of detail so that all the steps in the procedure are included and every eventuality is covered. The problem is, it is impossible to do this with anything other than the simplest procedure. Therefore, protocols tend not to cover all possible circumstances and where they attempt to do this they become too difficult to use and mistakes are made, or chunks of the protocol are ignored.

It is also difficult to know who should really take The Blame if an impossible protocol is not followed. Should it be The Experienced Committee who developed the protocol or the relatively Inexperienced User?

We think it will be the latter. Don’t we, My Black Cat.

And we don’t think that is always fair.

Anyway, we witches hate protocols. We never ever use them.

My Black Cat, what exactly is Lord Darzi’s Aide Memoire?

I’ve forgotten because I didn’t write it down at the time.

Go and find out.

redapple.jpg a red apple ……………………

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