Posted by: Witch Doctor | January 18, 2009

Painting The Spell Pantry


This weekend The Witch Doctor, hindered by My Black Cat, is painting The Spell Pantry. Each wall is a different shade of the palest green through to palest turquoise from the herbs we gather from our Spell Garden and make into magic paint. There is a majoram wall, a thyme wall, a basil wall and so on. In fact there are seven walls in The Spell Pantry. There are always seven walls in a spell pantry because seven is a lucky number and we must always be surrounded by luck when we cast our spells.

So, The Witch Doctor is crawling about the floor among seven pots of various shades of green/blue paint – all simultaneously lying with their lids open scattered to be tripped over or crawled upon. There are several reasons why The Witch Doctor paints in this haphazard way. One reason is that we witches do everything in a haphazard way. Another reason is that The Witch Doctor has “done her back in” so she is crawling about the floor from wall to wall doing the low down bits. She can’t get up very well once she is down. When she does get up, she has to go and sit down for a while and have a cup of tea and it is during these interludes that she reads what is going on in The Blogosphere.

My, My……

The Ferret doesn’t think much of Lord Darzi’s Aide Memoire (really WHO’s Aide Memoire) because he thinks it is not a new idea and everyone should be following it anyway.

Incidentally, there’s something missing. There should be a check to make sure the patient specimen/biopsy which, removed in theatre, doesn’t go walkabouts and vanish off the face of the Earth instead of going to the appropriate laboratory.

Patients reading this will be terrified to think that a checklist with these basic procedures is necessary at all. Patients may not realise that if a specimen taken during surgery does not reach a pathology or microbiology laboratory, a diagnosis may not be made.

So, even a well considered checklist may miss out a very important aspect.

I’ll bet most patients  thought they were safe in theatre and all the things ALWAYS happened, My Black Cat.

Dr Grumble is perplexed about the meaning of some government babble words. And he’s put up some strange links too, My Black Cat. Maybe we should pay attention to them in case they help us to confirm we have found the last bit of the jigsaw.


We have some government “babble words” that cause us consternation too. Some of these are:

Patient Choice


Expert patient

Everybody thinks they know what they mean…..

But they don’t. Really, they don’t.

And Jobbing Doctor is wondering what “Personalised Budgets” are really and truly about.

In the meantime, we are going to collect as many links as we can over the next few weeks on TWO topics.

1. The Third Sector

2. The Leadership Agenda

We are not yet sure, but we think they may confirm that we have found the final piece of the jigsaw and will make sense of everything that has been happening.

Yes, MMC / MTAS has taken us along a foggy convoluted road, and we have learned many things.

Haven’t we, My Black Cat?

redapple.jpg a red apple ……………………

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