Posted by: Witch Doctor | January 22, 2009

Charity Law – a fundamental principle


Continuing with our professional development regarding charities, My Black Cat and I have learned that a charity cannot donate to a political party.

“A charity cannot make political donations, give other financial support, or support in kind, to a political party. This is a fundamental principle of charity law. This prohibition applies equally to any trading subsidiary a charity may have. Whilst, generally speaking, non-charitable trading activities can be carried out by trading subsidiaries, this does not extend to carrying out political activities which a charity could not carry out itself nor to making donations to political parties. Should an inappropriate donation of this nature be made and not repaid, then the trustees would be personally liable for reimbursing the charity.

Campaigning and political activity can be undertaken by a charity. However, this can only be done in the context of furthering and supporting the delivery of its charitable purposes. Any campaigning and political activities must be a legitimate and reasonable way for the trustees to further these purposes, must have a reasonable likelihood of being effective and must never be party political.

The independent nature of the charitable sector is of fundamental importance to society, and is greatly valued by the public. Trustees of charities which engage in political activity, or with people in the political arena, should pay particular attention to the inherent risks associated with the nature of the work they undertake. Whilst charities can engage with politicians, in doing so they must ensure the political neutrality of the work they do. This means that a charity cannot champion or otherwise support the Government, one political party and/or discredit another.”


We don’t suppose this will be relevant at all within the context of the NHS, however it is worth knowing in case we come across it somewhere.

Isn’t it, My Black Cat?

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