Posted by: Witch Doctor | February 5, 2009

The huge flaw



Exposed at last!

Dr Grumble has said it!

Unbelievably, the government’s apparent concept of healthcare is that medical practice which prioritises prevention of disease will help avoid caring for the large numbers of chronically sick, elderly patients who are sitting in the wings at present, but are about to take centre stage.

They have missed the point that The Humankind all have to die of something.

Sometime. Somewhere.

What are they going to die of?

Healthy living = decrease in coronary artery disease, stroke, lung disease, diabetes, some cancers.


Healthy living = postponement of coronary artery disease, stroke, lung disease, diabetes, some cancers.

Probably the second.


Within the current state of knowledge, living longer = increase in dementia.

So, now, after all these years dementia is the hot topic.

They want Memory Clinics to make an early diagnosis.


So they can project statistics for the future.

And do some timely training of the home carers.

And this, My Black Cat reckons is where The Third Sector including unpaid volunteers will enter the arena in a big way.

How can expensive care in the community be affordable otherwise?

You don’t think this government feels patients with dementia have much need of doctors, My Black Cat?

Lord Darzi said “Quality can be cheaper”

What did he mean by that?

They are now indicating that “GP led health centres” can be run without GPs………

Sir Liam Donaldson said: “The country needs more doctors”

He said it repeatedly.

He even seemed to disagree with The College of Physicians.

Is there a bit of disagreement going on behind the scenes, My Black Cat?

Was Sir Liam Donaldson a less tethered goat than Lord Darzi?

Is that why Lord Darzi was asked to become one the governments “talents”

Does the government really think patients with dementia will otherwise be healthy?

That they will need carers, not doctors?

Do they not realise these patients will, in addition, have chronic disease of some kind?

Which may be more challenging to diagnose and treat because of their dementia?

Or are they fully aware of this and…………………..?

Will we ever know, My Black Cat?

An efficient death purely from an economical point of view is for The Humankind, of whatever age, to die with their boots on. A massive cerebral haemorrhage, myocardial infarction or a bad road traffic accident might do just that. Preventive medicine is preventing this.

So death will become increasingly inefficient.

And so health economics goes around and around and around!

Lord Darzi needs to stick to surgery, and we need to stick to witch-doctoring, My Black Cat.

Who would ever want to be a health economist?

redapple.jpg a red apple ……………………

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