Posted by: Witch Doctor | February 28, 2009

The Leadership Crescendo – an update


During our time in The Wilderness, My Black Cat and I are asking many questions while we try to find evidence to confirm that we may indeed have discovered the last piece of the jigsaw.

This blog started nearly two years ago because of the problems associated with MTAS. However, it became clear very quickly to The Witch Doctor that MTAS/MMC was only a tiny part of a much bigger picture that involved serious demographic change, an impending international bear market, and the ultimate transfer of international economic power from west to east.

And the potential transfer of military power too.

We were aware of the carry trade but didn’t understand it very well. We believed, however, as did most of the “ordinary folks” in this country, that banking institutions should not take high risks with the money which clients deposited with them. After all, it is the risk averse among the population who put their savings in banks and pension funds. Individuals are perfectly capable of gambling with their own money without the help of banks if they so desire.

We were also aware there was a credit bubble that was not sustainable.

It did not take an economist to be aware of these things.

Even a simple witch could work it out.

In fact, even The Black Cats worked it out.

My Black Cat and I were aware too that a diminishing population of young people contributing to the workforce in the west along with an aging population had the potential to bring healthcare in the UK to its knees. This would exacerbated by the predominance of women in medicine. We reckoned The Leitch Report, Agenda for Change, The Skills Escalator were all attempts to address the imbalance. We thought MMC, as conceived by senior members of the medical profession, would eventually be clutched by the government, transformed, and be incorporated into The Skills Escalator as others moved up a step to take over the majority of jobs now being done by doctors.

The Junior Doctors intervened and made a strong statement on St Patrick’s Day 2007 and the seniors picked up on it.

However, although we acknowledged some the thinking behind the skills escalator concept, and that there was a case for some of it – we felt the dumbing down would overshoot and become ridiculous.

We think this has now happened to a dangerous level.

But there were three issues we couldn’t get our heads round, My Black Cat and I.

1. Why was the government going all out to antagonise the medical profession when even taking excessive dumbing down into account, it is abundantly clear this country will very soon need many more doctors.

2. How could the admirable but expensive concept of ‘extending more care in the community” be affordable?

3. Why is every Tom Dick or Harry talking about leadership these days? After all leadership is not a new concept.

We think we have found the answer but so far, we have not found all the evidence.

We think the answer goes far beyond the medical profession. Indeed we think it goes beyond government.

At the moment we are looking at other institutions. Profit and not for profit. The Third Sector. Think Tanks, Gurus and more.

At the moment we are concentrating on the Think Tanks. They are sometimes charities. They sometimes have input from the business sector.

Who is it that is running this country?

Who is really making decisions about our major institutions eg healthcare, eductation, police?

Is it the government?

Or not.

We wonder, My Black Cat and I.

And now we have discovered that there is a whole knew concept called “Futures” out there.

We know there was something called “Futures” in the Stock Market. We had even heard about “longs” and “shorts” but didn’t understand any of this very well. Why should we?

Then we heard about 2020?

Have you ever heard about 2020?

Or 2050?

Or the Globalised Crystal Ball?

Or Over the Horizon Esitmates?


Neither had we.

You should have.

It’s all to do with “Futures”

Futures are being talked about everywhere.

We can’t understand how we missed it.

The really interesting thing about Futures is that if you follow link after link, the concept seems to lead to the USA National Intelligence Council.

My Black Cat and I are wondering why……….

You can find out about what we are exploring on “The Witch Doctor’s Aide Memoire.”

It is where My Black Cat and I store our information.

It does not express our views. It is just what we are reading.

The information seems to be growing exponentially.

And taking us well away from health care.

But it will take us somewhere.


Of that we are sure.

redapple.jpg a red apple ……………………

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  2. […] Will you link to these documents on our Aide Memoire, My Black Cat. We will need to read them at leisure. They may turn out to be very important. They may lead us to the evidence we are looking for to prove we have found the final piece of the jigsaw. […]

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