Posted by: Witch Doctor | March 4, 2009

Is George Monbiot under a spell?


The Witch Doctor has always felt she could “read” John Reid well.

She has reason to think about him sometimes.

Yesterday she decided to have a look at John Reid’s Wiki background.

He has a long entry.

She noted particularly that he is now working for G4S (Group 4 Securicor.)

In fact she made a little plait in her hair just to remind herself about this.

And because she feels she can read John Reid well, she came to a conclusion on this matter.

She will not tell you what her conclusion was.

It came as a surprise today, therefore, to find that George Monbiot gave John Reid a mention in an article in yesterday’s Guardian.

These apparent coincidences are generally due to a successful Red Apple Spell.

Red Apple Spells are Synergy Spells where distant thoughts work in harmony.

They are very difficult to do, but The Witch Doctor is getting quite good at them.

“So has prison privatisation here influenced judicial policy? As we discovered during the recent lobbying scandal in the House of Lords, there’s no way of knowing. Unlike civilised nations, the UK has no register of lobbyists; we are not even entitled to know which lobbyists ministers have met(13). But there are some clues. The former home secretary, John Reid, previously in charge of prison provision, has become a consultant to the private prison operator G4S(14). The government is intending to commission a series of massive Titan jails under PFI. Most experts on prisons expect them to be disastrous, taking inmates further away from their families (which reduces the chances of rehabilitation) and creating vast warrens in which all the social diseases of imprisonment will fester. Only two groups want them built: ministers and the prison companies: they offer excellent opportunities to rack up profits. And the very nature of PFI, which commits the government to paying for services for 25 or 30 years whether or not they are still required creates a major incentive to ensure that prison numbers don’t fall. The beast must be fed.”

George Monbiot’s last words on the matter:

“This revolting trade in human lives creates a permanent incentive to lock people up; not because prison works; not because it makes us safer, but because it makes money. Privatisation appears to have locked this country into mass imprisonment.”


The Witch Doctor, as always, feels she can read John Reid very well.

redapple.jpg a red apple ……………………

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