Posted by: Witch Doctor | March 5, 2009

Futures getting out of hand


I cannot believe I would live to see what is happening in this country the world today!

Read the Jobbing Doctor, will you!

And the Telegraph!

They are telling you!

Does this witch need to be even more explicit?

This is “Futures getting out of hand” you stupid gaggle of Humankind.

Have you not been reading this blog!!!!!

Do you just not get it!

You have to see the whole picture.

Not just health care.

Everything. There are clues all about you.

Look at the bigger picture.

There is more to come.

Read about PAM. Every single link that’s there.

We witches believe patient confidentiality is going to be sacrificed in the Futures Game.

Just like the ownership of your childrens’ finger prints will be handed over to the state without your consent.

As part of The Great Data Mining Industry.

That we, the voters pay for.

BMA, GMC, Colleges, Deaneries waken up!

This is not negotiable.

Do NOT try to be reasonable.

Stop being the “nice” ladies and gentlemen that you have had to be while “doing” the committee circuit in order to climb to where you are today.

Just say :



“Over my Dead Body”

And mean it.

And mull over the Hippocratic Oath you took years ago.

If you can remember it!

redapple.jpg a red apple ……………………

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