Posted by: Witch Doctor | March 6, 2009

The Leadership Crescendo – another update


Today, the Witch Doctor had really intended to explore a leadership course that is going to take place in May of this year. It is called CLINICIANS AT THE HELM. It seems to involve an American company called THE ADVISORY BOARD COMPANY.

It might be an excellent course. Nevertheless, it looks as if it is an example of a sieve through which passes UK taxpayers money in the name of healthcare. Money deducted from the pay cheques of people in the UK that ends up in a company quoted on Wall Street.

However any thoughts on The Advisory Board Company will need to be followed up another day, because My Black Cat has come home in quite a tizzy.

She thinks she has caught a rat while studying leadership courses offered within the NHS.

You may not realise this, but one of the reasons we witches need our black cats so much is because The Book of Spells is not yet complete. The rats these cats sniff out fill in the knowledge gaps. The trouble is, on occasion our cats become over obsessed with their rat hunting and they deposit a red herring at our feet rather than a rat.

The Book of Spells will be much more reliable when the last chapter is eventually written.

Anyway, My Black Cat says she has stumbled upon a leadership company that is causing a bit of a stir.

The outfit in question is called “Common Purpose”

I asked her if they were acting as a sieve draining taxpayers’ money and shunting it to Wall Street.

She says they are a UK charity so it is unlikely Wall Street is benefiting in any way.

Nevertheless, she is very excited.

She says there all sorts of conspiracy theories circulating about them.

My poor Black Cat likes a bit of mystery in her boring life.

She says she thinks that they are about to take over the galaxy universe.

A little British charity taking over the universe?

She is a great one for the superlatives, My Black Cat.

She told me it must be true because Common Purpose are going to be challenged on Radio 5 on Sunday night.

“Jonathan Maitland
Sunday 8 March
7.00-8.00pm BBC RADIO 5 LIVE

Sitting in for Donal MacIntyre, journalist and broadcaster Jonathan Maitland presents BBC Radio 5 Live’s hard-hitting investigative and original journalism programme.

This week’s investigation looks at Common Purpose, a registered charity that provides training for the next generation of leaders but which critics have accused of being a shadowy movement for careerists whose selection criteria is dependent upon a person’s political leanings.

Presenter/Jonathan Maitland, Producer/Innes Bowen

BBC Radio 5 Live Publicity”

Challenged about what?

Taking over the universe?

What utter rubbish!

Stupid, stupid cat!

She’s caught a fish instead of a rat!

redapple.jpg a red apple ……………………

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