Posted by: Witch Doctor | March 7, 2009

Leaders or Meddlers?


What is it that is getting you so excited now, My Black Cat?

The BBC are taking the allegations very seriously that Common Purpose has an underlying agenda?

Are you sure?

But I thought you told me this morning over our tea and toast that the conspiracy theorists say the BBC is full of “Common Purpose Graduates? “ So, if that’s true they might find it difficult to be neutral and are just trying to help them debunk the conspiracy concept for once and for all.

Why are they called “Graduates,” My Black Cat?

Do they sit a very difficult exam or something?

Do they have to do an annual appraisal and revalidation and pay lots of hefty fees so everyone knows they are still competent leaders of tomorrow who are capable, unlike most other leaders of “Leading Beyond Authority.”

Is Leading Beyond Authority not just meddling, My Black Cat?

Are they not just “Meddling Graduates.”

There are always meddling people about who think they are helpful people and are doing good.

It has always been so.

They are the ones who say: “Why don’t you……” or “I’ve got a better idea….” or “Lets do it this way….” when what they really want to say is that: “Of the two of us, I have the superior brain and so it is reasonable that I control your thoughts and actions.”

If they don’t sit all these exams and things why are they not just “members” of a club?

They say that being a “member” of something may have to be revealed in certain contexts, but being a “graduate” bypasses these rules.


What rubbish, My Black Cat.

Mark you, you could be right.

The Humankind have so many quaint notions.  If they have created a little nuance like this, it would not surprise me in the least.

redapple.jpg a red apple ……………………

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