Posted by: Witch Doctor | March 7, 2009

Leaders or useful idiots?


If your conspiracy theory about COMMON PURPOSE is correct, My Black Cat…….

Its not MY conspiracy theory………..


I’ll start again.

If THEIR conspiracy theory about COMMON PURPOSE is correct, My Black Cat, then it is unlikely anyone will speak out.

If they have managed to accumulate so many graduates over many years and yet no-one in the medical profession seems to have heard of them up till now, you can be sure of two things.

1. They have been avoiding recruiting the medical profession for some reason or another.
2. Most of the “Graduates” will be kept in the dark regarding the conspiracy. Only those at the very top of the pyramid will know what it is about. Perhaps the rest will be regarded as “useful idiots” – flattered by being selected in the first place but unknowingly aiding and abetting the “common purpose” if there is one.

That’s how REAL conspiracy theories work, My Black Cat. They are pyramids with many levels. Very few can be trusted with all the information. We witches know all about conspiracies.  We have watched many operate since the beginning of time. Most conspiracies fail sooner or later.

So, if there REALLY is a conspiracy, the BBC programme will likely just skim the surface and no-one will be any the wiser.

However, there are some things you have told me that are intriguing. Questions need to be asked. Here are just a few.  There are many more.

Why should a charity go out of  its way to recruit people to train as leaders?

What is meant by “leading beyond authority?”

Why are these leaders needed?

Who will they lead?

Who decides who will be suitable for training and what are the selection criteria?

Who will be deemed not to be suitable for training as “leaders?”

Did this charity really originate in the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister?

If so, did he have anything to do with setting it up?

What is the connection with the Media Standards Trust?

Is there a connection with any other charities or leadership courses?

What are the links, if any,  with DEMOS, a political Think Tank?

Is it relevant that DEMOS seems to be following the lead of the USA’s NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE COUNCIL?

How much have the taxpayers spent on these publicly funded courses and what exactly are we getting in return?

These and many more questions need to be answered before the taxpayers can rest assured their money is not being abused.

There may be a very good reason for all of this.

Listen My Black Cat, instead of getting carried away on this crazy conspiracy theory, go and do something useful.

Find out what John Prescott is up to.

And then, try to find out if any members of the medical profession are Common Purpose graduates…………..

Then nip down to Waterstones and buy the Common Purpose book they are talking about.  If they don’t have it, try Amazon, Abe books or eBay or somewhere.

What’s it called?

“Leading Beyond Authority – Leadership in a Changing World” by Julia Middleton.

Yes, yes, I’ll give you the money!!

You won’t be out of pocket!

It’s sure to be a good read.

That will keep you busy for a while, My Black Cat.

And give me some peace.

I’ve got other things to do aplenty.

redapple.jpg a red apple ……………………

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  2. Where are they leading their chosen ? And Why ?

    Why are they undemocratically allowed to control our public sector and spend our money ?

    And if their purpose is innocent, why has no-one heard of Common Purpose UK, and why does no one know what they do, and why ?

    And how did they manage to get charitable status, when they are political, and secret, and not available to the general public.

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