Posted by: Witch Doctor | March 14, 2009

Dr Neil Bacon – The Agenda Setters


The signs were there from the very beginning.

When Dr Neil Bacon set up, he made some rumblings about connections with the GMC and NHS Choices.

The GMC had an article about the site in one of their publications.

Some felt that feedback from iwantgreatcare would eventually be used for revalidation purposes and even referral to the GMC.

At this stage the GMC made some moves to distance themselves from iwantgreatcare.

Shortly after launching the site, a member of the GMC, Professor Christopher Bulstrod, appeared on Iwantgreatcare wearing his pyjamas. He was a gatherer of feedback and the impression in the witching community was that he was “in on it” with Neil Bacon or at least giving him some moral support.

Initially some thought he may have been soliciting positive feedback from patients, then it was realised there was something special about his pyjamas.

This site should have failed. It was and is a facile site and it is insulting to to the medical profession. Who else but Neil Bacon and his cronies would have the audacity to ask a patient whether they trusted their doctor? Accusing a doctor if being untrustworthy is extremely serious. It can mean many things. The libel lawyers Carter-Ruck sent a warning. This did not faze Neil Bacon. Why should it? Were there powerful people in the background looking after him? There must have been.

So, Iwantgreatcare trundled on.

And on.

And on.

But those behind it lay low.

Sir Muir Gray now admits that he was:

“instrumental in setting up”

The Prime Minister seems to be cuddling Dr Bacon.

EXPERIENCE MATTERS – Gordon Brown embraces web-rating of healthcare

“The iWantGreatCare team is naturally delighted by the rapid, widespread recognition of the need to harness patient opinion in this way – having been amongst the first to have given NHS Trusts the ability to realise the many benefits of this path to total quality. As contributors to the Darzi Review in this area it is fantastic to see the principles of how to maximise benefits to both patients and healthcare professionals central in these plans.”

You can’t have friends in much higher places than that!

Dr Bacon seems to be part of a networking community called “Common Purpose” whose activities are under the microscope at the moment.

So far so bad.


If you decide to read on, then take a deep breath.

Dr Neil Bacon is considered to be a TOP AGENDA SETTER.

He is up there beside Tim Berners-Lee and Steve Jobs.

Dr Neil Bacon is the Number 26 driving force in the silicon world that we live in today.

Such is the Power of the Network.

The Common Purpose network?

redapple.jpg a red apple ……………………

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