Posted by: Witch Doctor | March 16, 2009

Data Mines, The Third Sector and The Leadership Crescendo


At the close of the year just before The Witch Doctor cast the Ancient Bottle Spell to rejuvenate her aging brain, there was some kind of witching power leading her to consider the importance of The Third Sector in tomorrow’s medicine, and the possibility of it being linked with The Leadership Agenda.

We thought we had found the last piece of the jigsaw to explain everything that was happening in UK Heathcare today.

We thought all we had to do was fit the last piece of the the jigsaw neatly in place, undo the Ancient Bottle Spell, and report back on our conclusions.

Not so.

Instead we found another jigsaw scattered everywhere with every single piece loose and disconnected.

At that time, My Black Cat and I had never heard of Futures, or Project 2020, or The Tomorrow Project. We did not know anything about the link between Futures and USA security. We were completely unaware of PAM. If someone had told us about PAM then, we simply would not have believed it.

We did not know much about Think Tanks or the clout they had with politicians.

At that time we had never heard of Common Purpose, a charity offering leadership courses with a difference. We had never heard of Julia Middleton or her book “Leading Beyond Authority.”

We did not know about the unbelievable conspiracy theories surrounding Common Purpose.

We did know, however, about Neil Bacon, The Pyjama Man and Iwantgreatcare and we wondered if there were agendas and important people behind this website ensuring its survival.

We did know a little about data-mining and had concluded it may be an important aspect of  the massively expensive attempt to computerise and centralise all patient case notes. We also wondered if the proposed “Dementia Clinics” were in fact a data-mining exercise which would be useful in allocating future resources. (yes, we know all the arguments put forward, but we do not really see how the “measurement of early dementia” by a psychologist will really benefit that individual patient).

It is of interest, therefore, to discover there is a link between The Leadership Agenda in the form of Common Purpose, and the doctor rating website Iwantgreatcare with the Third Sector and with data-mining.

My Black Cat and I are now thinking out loud.

Some of our thinking may turn out to be correct, some widely off the mark.

My Black Cat loves exciting conspiracies and gets quite carried away at times. So she is likely to talk rubbish.

We witches, on the other hand, think Creep rather Conspiracy is responsible for most of the strange and awful things that have happened throughout history.

We witches judge people according to their creeping traits.

Anyway, back to iwantgreatcare:


It is likely that four charities will soon link up with Iwantgreatcare:

“Diabetes UK is already signed up with iWantGreatCare, The Stroke Association is finalising details and two others have yet to confirm but are likely to be major charities working in long term conditions such as HIV/AIDS and cardiac care.

The project will involve iWantGreatCare working with the charities to define what matters to patients, posing questions that will capture their experience, and then asking them to rate their care using the website. The data will then be fed back to the charity to use in discussions with primary care trusts commissioning services.”

Will you stop wittering on about conspiracies, My Black Cat.

Yes, yes, I know. Dr Neil Bacon and Sir Cyril Chantler have links  both have links with DNUK and Common Purpose. But that could mean many things. It may even mean nothing at all.

We now know Sir Muir Gray was involved in setting up Iwantgreatcare.

Go away and look for a link between The Third Sector and Common Purpose.

That should keep you out of my way for a while, My Black Cat.

And give me peace.


Post dated 14 January 2009

My Back Cat, this old witch has two bizarre notions bubbling around in her shrinking brain.

The first is:

“The Third Sector” and what it stands for, is going to turn out to be far more significant than the medical profession imagine at the moment.

I don’t know why.

I don’t know how.

The second is:

“The Third Sector” may be closely linked to “The Leadership Agenda”

I don’t know why.

I don’t know how.

Now, the elderly synapses are wandering about aimlessly at the moment but I know they will make a connection eventually.

Can you set your much younger brain to work on this, My Black Cat.

In the meantime, I’ll try An Ancient Bottle Spell to make The Old Brain young again.




“Out-of-hours providers have won a raft of contracts for the new wave of GP-led health centres, in a move that looks set to transform their role as providers of primary care.

Almost a quarter of contracts announced so far, among responses from 90 trusts, have gone to out-of-hours organisations, with both private and not-for-profit providers winning multiple bids.

The tenders also saw the private sector encroach further on primary care, with private companies winning 12 of the 48 contracts announced – one behind the 13 won by GP-led consortiums. Almost half of PCTs missed the Government’s 31 December deadline for signing contracts.

Out of hours providers said the awards marked the beginning of a new era of integrated care.”

“Eight centres were awarded to third sector or not-for-profit organisations, with four going to GPs not in a consortium or partnership.”


More here:



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