Posted by: Witch Doctor | March 28, 2009

The fallacy of a consultant led service


Yesterday The Jobbing Doctor reports on a phone call received from the wife of one of his patients who had been admitted to hospital.

It seems that her husband had been languishing in hospital for four days without seeing a doctor.

The Jobbing Doctor finds this difficult to believe, I think.

Or maybe nowadays he doesn’t.

A hands – on Jobbing Nurse, Nurse Anne, also known as The Militant Medical Nurse*** comments on his blog that from what she has personally seen, the information given in the phone call is probably correct.

The Witch Doctor would also like to reinforce that this is probably correct, but it would need to be confirmed of course.

Suffice it to say, that sometimes consultants are not even sure where their patients are in the hospital.

From time to time patients get lost.

The reason this happens is that many consultants have crept into a dangerous Consultant Led Service rather than insisting on a Consultant Delivered Service.

Heaven knows why.

Patient may lose their lives.

Consultants may lose their jobs.

Consultants may be jailed.

Maybe some day The Witch Doctor will tell the world her stories about what she has witnessed and experienced in the NHS.

But hopefully this will not be necessary, because it will lead to the curling of many toes.

Surely the medical profession will soon see sense.

Senior doctors could solve many of the problems of the NHS tomorrow.

If they had the will.

If they don’t have the will, then the patients themselves will need to insist that they have a Consultant Delivered Service.

Patients will need to understand the huge difference there is between a Consultant Led and a Consultant Delivered service when they attend an out-patient clinic or are admitted to hospital.


*** EVERYONE working in hospital medicine should read this dedicated and brave woman’s blog. Beware. It is a swear blog. If those in HMG also read it, they would soon realise the information planted there is worth its weight in gold to anyone trying to run an NHS that is fit for purpose. And to my knowledge, Nurse Anne will not charge the the government huge consultancy fees that gobble up public money.

Maybe she should, My Black Cat!

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