Posted by: Witch Doctor | March 29, 2009

Is Neil Bacon Being used?


From the very beginning, it seemed Neil Bacon was not standing alone when he launched

The Witch Doctor felt there was some networking going on in the background to sustain against a barrage of criticism. This may have been related to information made available on the Internet that Dr Neil Bacon, had previously attended a course run by the networking leadership charity “Common Purpose” at the time he was CE of DNUK. It is of interest that Sir Cyril Chantler, Chair of the Board of DNUK appears to have close links with “Common Purpose” also. His name appears in the book “Leading Beyond Authority.” Julia Middleton is the author of this book and CE and founder of “Common Purpose.”

It is of interest that Sir Cyril Chantler has links also with The Media Standards Trust and indeed many other organisations. This will be expanded further in a future post.



Pulse has now revealed that:


“But the emails obtained by Pulse reveal Lord Darzi has closely monitored the site’s progress as the Government’s own patient feedback site, NHS Choices, takes shape.

The DH took eight months to respond to our FOI request and is still refusing to release three pages of emails.

Dr Bacon first outlined his ideas on patient feedback when he met Lord Darzi in December 2007, and has since met at least six times with senior figures such as Mark Britnell, director general of commissioning and system management, Mary Simpson, deputy director for patient and public empowerment and Lord Darzi himself.”

Neil Bacon to Lord Darzi, 28 March 2008

‘Your encouragement and interest in this concept has been a major motivator for me in taking the plunge to create this new venture – and indeed to finance it myself…

“Mark Britnell has given me his support. Seeing patient-reported outcome as a vital part of commissioning, he has offered to fund an assessment of my venture. Indeed, he was nearly as enthusiastic as you.’

Lord Darzi to Neil Bacon, 10 April 2008

‘I do like the proposed and will be interested to see what the reaction will be…’

So, it seems, Lord Darzi’s approval encouraged Dr Neil Bacon to put his money into

Lord Darzi would therefore presumably feel a sense of responsibility if iwantgreatcare failed.

Wouldn’t he?

Recently it was revealed that Sir Muir Gray had invested in the site and he spoke strongly in favour of Dr Bacon. He referred to him as a “genius”

What The Witch Doctor finds distasteful is the silence of these people at the time Iwantgreatcare was being criticised. Neil Bacon was taking the brunt of this. He maybe felt assured he had a heavyweight network supporting him in the background.

And of course, there was Pyjama Man doing his best to help.

The Oldest Sage Witch has a crush on Pyjama Man.

Nevertheless, there is something going on here that is unsavory to witches……..


The Witch Doctor feels the time has come to inform all readers of this blog what she has been doing for over three months.

In December of this year I had a very uneasy feeling about “The Leadership Agenda” that was percolating through the NHS. Alongside this was another equally uneasy feeling about The Third Sector. I decided to look into this further and was astonished to find a charity called “Common Purpose” which seems to train leaders was linked to a very bizarre conspiracy theory.

I had never heard of Common Purpose.

I don’t believe much in Conspiracies.

But I do believe in the dangers of Creep.

The Human Kind consistently creep into awful calamities.

I decided to investigate Common Purpose from scratch, but My Black Cat kept jumping up and down about conspiracies.

I had to throw a gallon of water over her!

However, I am developing a distinct feeling of unease of about this charity which has affiliations everywhere and yet most people, like myself, had never heard of it.

I find it difficult to shrug off this feeling of unease.

The time has come for me to share my information with you so you can make up your own mind about it and perhaps also question why this country now seems to need so many people to be trained as leaders.

Who exactly are those thousands of people going to be leading?

Where to?

What for?

redapple.jpg a red apple ……………………

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