Posted by: Witch Doctor | April 4, 2009

Common Purpose – the black squirrels of Toronto


The two questions My Black Cat is asking regarding Common Purpose are:

What is THE conspiracy?

What is the evidence for THE conspiracy?

The two questions The Witch Doctor is asking regarding Common Purpose are:

Why is there A conspiracy?

What is the evidence for A conspiracy?


Do you remember, My Black Cat, the year we flew over to Toronto on The Broomstick?

it was a long time ago, and you discovered A Huge Conspiracy over there.

There was something funny going on with the squirrels.

The squirrels had taken on the colour of witches cats!

And it was a secret. There was nothing on UK radio, TV or Newspapers about The Black Squirrels. You had never come across a book in the bookshops about The Black Squirrels.

Worse still. we knew lots of The Human Kind who had been to Toronto before us and they had talked about their trip to us and showed us their photographs.

But no-one ever talked about The Black Squirrels.

No-one had a photograph of A Black Squirrel. Or if they had, they had to keep it in a secret place. Well away from black cats and witches.


Do you remember how you thought there was A Huge Conspiracy designed to overthrow all The Black Cats of the witching world?

And replace them with vaguely similar squirrels.

You are still a bit wary of squirrels of any hue.

Aren’t you, My Black Cat?

redapple.jpg a red apple ……………………

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