Posted by: Witch Doctor | April 5, 2009

Panda Bear is stirring from sleep


On May 19 2008 we said goodbye.

We said he’d be back!

Didn’t we, My Black Cat………

We almost missed his return.


“You think of course, you who dream of touching hundreds of lives and doing good in this bad old world of ours, that this is a good trade but I assure you that medicine as a profession will not love you back. You can solve the medical problems of a thousand grateful patients but a few hours after they leave the department or are discharged from the hospital they won’t remember your name or even your face. You will be just another bucket of medical care that they received from the tap like any other public utility.”


19 MAY  2008


My Black Cat, when relaxing, spends time reading Panda Bear MD, a medical Blog from the USA.

You don’t read Panda Bear MD for a quick fix. You settle down with a cup of coffee and allow half an hour or so. Then you read the latest post quickly to get to the factual material. Then you read it again – slowly this time to enjoy the excellent prose. Then you read it once more to savour the prose and the message together. Then again – to decide if what he is observing in USA health care can be extrapolated to the UK today – it often can. And then finally, you surf through his site because by now you are hooked and you need to read some more posts in this exceptional blogging style.

Now there is sad news.

Duty calls. Panda Bear needs to stop blogging.


“My Good Friends and Patient Readers,

I’ve decide to stop blogging.

Although I have enjoyed writing this blog and mightily appreciate all of you who have taken the time to read and comment upon my many articles, keeping the blog going has taken an appreciable toll on my sleep, studying, and even on my family time. As I am about to enter my last year of residency I will have many new responsibilities to my program competing for my time. Additionally, I have signed a contract for my first job and, as I need to devote my last year of training to ensure that I am completely ready to take care of you, your family, and your friends if you ever end up in a gurney in my trauma bay, I won’t have time to update this thing and I’d rather just end it than let it fade out.”

My Black Cat says Panda Bear MD is the Shakespeare of the medical bloggers.

She might be right.

Sooner or later he’ll be back.

For The Gifted Ones write because they have to. Not because they want to.


MARCH 6 2008


“Panda Bear MD” is an ever articulate, ever controversial medical blog from far far away.

One of My Black Cat’s favourites.

Panda Bear MD has had flu.

He’s happiest if he has flu while on annual leave.

Sad that!


Here is another Panda Bear with flu.

Poor thing.

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