Posted by: Witch Doctor | April 14, 2009

Yo-Yo Management in the NHS


The Witch Doctor is about to risk having his/her identity exposed.

In the filing cabinets of NHS managers in The Witch Doctor’s neck of the woods, there exists some correspondence written by The Witch Doctor’s fair hand/typewriter/wordprocessor/computer over the years.

These documents incorporate the term “Yo-Yo Managment.”

This is a term which was coined by The Witch Doctor some years ago.


If you are an NHS manager and you have these documents in your possession, and you read this blog, you will now know the identity of The Witch Doctor.

The reason I have decided to mention this is because of today’s excellent article by The Jobbing Doctor as he returns refreshed from his break:


What a blessing was The Jobbing Doctor’s holiday!


You’d better read this too!

WHAT. THE. F___!!!

The Witch Doctor believes the problems in Staffordshire are happening to a greater or lesser extent elsewhere and are largely the consequence of an endemic Yo-Yo Managment System within the NHS.

It is important therefore, for the safely of every patient in the NHS, that the problems associated with Yo-Yo Management are thoroughly documented and addressed.

Patients and staff alike, even if they recognise it for what it is, find it very difficult to deal with a Yo-Yo Managment System.

The Witch Doctor has observed this system at work over many years and has tried to intervene locally – sometimes with success, sometimes not.

Whether successful or not, when attempting to challenge a Yo-Yo Managment System, a cold calculated tenacity is essential. So also is the ability to take risks. But above all the timing has to be just right.

The Witch Doctor believes that the tragedy of Mid-Staffordshire indicates that the time is now right for the medical profession to tackle the problems associated with Yo-Yo Management within the NHS.

Yes.  The Medical Profession.

The Witch Doctor, therefore has decided to suspend all blogging apart from documenting the Staffordshire tragedy as it unfolded and will continue to unfold in the media and the blogosphere.

Once this is complete she may then give some accounts of how she has tried in her own way to address practically, some of the problems associated with Yo-Yo Management in her part of the NHS world.

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