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Intelligence neutered


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In 2007, The Witch Doctor published a post entitled “China is the Reason for MMC.”

It is reproduced below.

Things have moved on since then in the form of a publication:


” As well as delivering on this and other Innovation Nation commitments:

– we will work with the research funding bodies to create a stronger framework to drive up the economic impact of the research they fund. From April 2009, grant applicants to all Research Councils will have to set out the economic impact of their proposed research;

– the Higher Education Funding Council for England will consult later this year on a new Research Excellence Framework (REF) that will take better account of the impact research makes on the economy. Decisions on the REF will be announced early next year and will create incentives for changed behaviour from that point;

– the Technology Strategy Board has had a successful start and will continue to spearhead innovation in areas where there are business opportunities for future growth, including advanced manufacturing, clean technology, life sciences and the digital economy. “


So Universities as they once were, will be no more.

Intelligence is now under control.

Thank you Lord Leitch.


THE LEITCH REVIEW REVISITED (Published December 2007)

There is fear the The Wall Street Bull soon will metamorphose into a Bear.

Gold is waxing.

The Dollar is waning.




China and India are waxing too.

Is The West waning?


Is this the big fear, My Black Cat?

“The world economy is undergoing its biggest economic restructure since the rise of of the United States. By 2015 the Chinese economy will not only be as large as that of the United States but larger than all 27 EU Member States combined.
(Skills for Business)

Demographic change has the potential of decimating the workforce of the west.

We have to become more competitive.

Sandy Leitch has proposed the skills escalator as a means of addressing this.

LISTEN TO A VOICE TELLING YOU ABOUT THE LEITCH REVIEW (It seems this link no longer exists)

And if you browse around the site below you can download a powerpoint presentation, and several PDF’s relating to the Leitch Review.

SKILLS FOR BUSINESS – THE LEITCH REVIEW (It seems this link no longer exists)

“Strengthen employer voice. Rationalise the existing bodies. Strengthen the collective voice and better articulate employer views on skills by creating a new Commission for Employment and Skills, accountable to Government and the devolved administrations.

Increased employer engagement and investment in skills. Reform, re-license and empower Sector Skills Councils, with an emphasis on the Sector Skills Agreement process. Deliver more economically valuable skills by allowing public funding only for vocational qualifications approved by SSCs.

Expand skills brokerage services.

Increase adult skills across all levels and all ages.

Route all adult vocational skills funding through Train to Gain and Learner Accounts by 2010. Streamline the role of the Learning and Skills Council to become a funding body and market maker.

Improved higher level skills: Change targets and funding to encourage employer / university collaboration, seeking hard-edged employer commitments to increase investment in high skills through Sector Skills Agreements.”

The Witch Doctor thinks this smacks of government control of learning, aspirations and brains.

We witches would not tolerate that. Would we, My Black Cat?

But then, humans are a funny lot.

So, the government wants a skills development system that is lifelong, demand led, with an emphasis on meeting the requirement of employers and is only funded from the public purse if it meets the needs of the employer/government.

The fashion industry can boost the economy, says the voice.

So can health if it is turned into a commodity.

Health with a Rotund consumer group but Lean workforce.

And presumably clients will be more cost effective than patients.

Clients who are not really ill.

That seems to be the plan doesn’t it, My Black Cat.

Already there are a number NHS partners benefiting financially from The NHS Plan.

Do you suppose they are boosting the economy, My Black Cat?

Yes, education driven by the marketplace is the name of the game.

God help you if you want to be a historian, a philosopher or a geologist (unless you can divine for oil.)

Eh, My black Cat?

redapple.jpg a red apple ……………………

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