Posted by: Witch Doctor | May 10, 2009

The corners of my wilderness


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We witches always like it when The Jobbing Doctor puts up a new picture of his garden throughout the seasons. This week he has two new ones as well as a photo of some bluebells he passed when walking. His garden looks like an interesting place to be and he seems to appreciate the beauty of plants. There may be a witch tending his garden for all we know.

Now, Sam once said she wished the bloggers, even although they are anonymous, told more about themselves. When she found out that The Witch Doctor had been to ballet and other dancing classes, she put up a very beautiful picture of a witch flying on a broomstick and then told us about the use that her mother had for broomsticks!

My Black Cat is at this very moment sawing off the broom from an old broomstick to see if the advice Sam’s mother gave works for all the old stooped hags of witches that frequent our coven.


Clematis montana – “Elizabeth.”

The Witch Doctor does not give very much information away regarding her personal life. However, after looking at The Jobbing Doctor’s garden, she has decided to relax that rule a little. All witches love gardens and woodlands and hedgerows and and marshes and bogs and ponds and riversides. We love anywhere that plants grow. We love plants of all kinds. There are no exceptions. We even love the plants that The Humankind call weeds. Indeed so much so, that we never ever do any housework until we have filled all our vases with flowers (sometimes weeds) and then we are ready to start.

So, The Witch Doctor has decided to treat you to some of the corners of her garden. It is a very interesting place because, you see, it has had almost no work done in it for about five years. There are some very good reasons for this which I am not going to tell you. If I did, however, you would understand.

Anyway, this garden has become a haven of a wildness. The time has come to tame it a little and work with nature in a wonderful way. So, today when the sun was out, My Black Cat and I have been wandering around the garden looking at what has been virulent enough to survive the years of neglect.

I decided today to keep a photographic record of the transformation which will probably take about three years.

Above is the first picture. It is of a clematis that was planted about 30 years ago. It now has a will of its own and during the neglectful years it was found wandering around inside the eaves of the house. It looks like any other virulent clematis montana, but it is really very special. This particular plant has the strongest vanilla-like scent I have ever come across in any clematis. (The scent is even more beautiful than vanilla but that is the nearest description). I have another clematis in the garden which I think is also “Elizabeth,” but it came from separate stock and does not carry the same overpowering scent.

I have special plans for this particular clematis. I might tell you what they are if I can be bothered.

redapple.jpg a red apple ……………………

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