Posted by: Witch Doctor | May 16, 2009

Health care, opportunism or intrusion?


Doubtless the motives of The American Stroke Association, and The Men of Color Taskforce are completely honourable, but this sort of thing makes The Witch Doctor bristle.


No. It is an intrusion.

It is rubbing salt in the wound that The Humankind are mortal.


“Research presented at the American Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference shows that the beauty shop is an effective place for women to learn the stroke warning signs,” said Moacir Barbosa, chair of the Men of Color Taskforce based in Cambridge. “Beauty salons and barbershops are places where African Americans talk about everything from world news to family issues. That makes them perfect places to reach consumers with important Power To End Stroke health messages and get them to start doing something about a disease that is killing too many African Americans.”


This will creep.

A hairdresser/beauty shop is a place of pretence. A place to go if a woman wants, for an hour or two, to get away from the worries of the dying mother she is caring for, the child who has recently been diagnosed with diabetes, the anxiety she herself has when awaiting the results of her latest cervical/breast/bowel whatever screen.

A place to make greying hair black or brown or orange or blonde again.

A place where she can pretend the clock is not ticking.

There is nothing wrong with pretence in the right context.



They will be infiltrating The Chocolate Shops next.

And a barbers? Do men want to be reminded that their father died at a young age from a coronary or stroke when all they wanted was a haircut and some banter about football teams?

Please believe this old witch. This will creep. It will creep to the UK. We copy the USA. The nature of the screening offered will escalate. Glory be, the barbers might start extracting teeth and amputating toes again. Why not? The dentists are dabbling in botox.

If these and similar groups driven by altruistic motives, want to “reach out” into the community, why do they not visit some other outlets where people will not feel that health prevention is an intrusion.

These are the little Hubs of Pretence scattered all over the place especially designed for those who are happy to put their health and well-being under a very fuzzy microscope.

The Alternative Medicine Shops……..

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