Posted by: Witch Doctor | May 18, 2009

Where have all the consultants gone?


The post below is from April 2007. It was called “An MMC Reminder – something’s missing.”

You have found the answer……..

You think consultants are a dying race?

And you think patients should be very, very worried, My Black Cat?

What exactly are you talking about?



A link to a reminder of the “MMC Career Map” including the dreaded yellow box.

Interactive version of the MMC Master Plan

The term “Senior Medical Appointment” is used as the “ultimate goal”

Yes. GP’s gets a mention even if its only incorporated into “GP registrar.” However, the word “Consultant” is conspicuous by its absence.

And here?

“the end product of the training process, whether a hospital doctor or a general practitioner, should be a high-quality, well-trained and accredited doctor”

GP’s – OK.


Not there either.

Maybe the Witch Doctor is being a bit too touchy about this.

Well, my black cat, who can see in darkest of places, can you find out where the consultants have gone? Nope ? Keep looking! Maybe they just forgot.

Or maybe………

Surely not!

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