Posted by: Witch Doctor | July 13, 2009

The colour-blind Bumble Bee


Dr Grumble and The Jobbing Doctor have recently been posting about books.

The Witch Doctor has always found that the NHS steals away quality reading time. Another problem too, is that medical books tend to be read so quickly (and even ruined by highlighting) because of the search for information, information and more information, that this witch tends now to read ALL books looking for information, information, information rather than enjoying the prose of a good writer.

However, it gets worse.

The Witch Doctor has observed that over the years, within medicine, she has had much less Thinking Time that she used to have.

Money can be abused, embezzled and stolen.

Time can be abused, embezzled and stolen.

So can Thinking Time.

She has “The Leaders” within government, the NHS, local hospital managers and, above all, her doctor-cum-manager peers to thank for this Thinking Time theft.

She blames them all!

Thieves and embezzlers!

Without Thinking Time the practice of medicine is risky. Even dangerous.



Anyway, look at this iris that is thriving within The Witch Doctor’s garden. It is called Iris robusta – Gerald Darby and it likes to grow in boggy places. The stems of each flower when young are a deep purple – almost black in colour. Behind it is a tall elegant Thalictrum that sways in the wind. It thrives in waterlogged conditions too.

While The Witch Doctor was convalescing from the effects of the Oldest Sage Witch’s most ridiculous and damaging of spells, she spent some time sitting in a chair beside this boggy part of her wilderness garden.

She had, for the first time in decades, Thinking Time.

She thought about her neglected garden.

She thought about the reasons for the neglect.

She thought about the benefits of the neglect and how the garden has become so overgrown it is now a haven for wildlife where there is continual bird song and the buzz of insects.

She thought how quickly the fox cubs at the bottom of the garden were growing up to be healthy adults.

She thought how shy the fox cubs were – they scuttled away into their deep den below a hut as soon as a human appeared on the scene. She observed how the mother fox was a little more trusting of The Witch Doctor.

And then, because she had lots of time to think, she noticed the colour-blind bee exploring the black-stemmed bog iris beside her.

It was a colour-blind Bumble Bee.

How can you tell if a bee is colour-blind?

Well, The Witch Doctor must have observed hundreds of insects (mainly bees) make their journey into the nectar producing part of the black stemmed iris. Without fail they all followed the furry yellow guide on the flower which lead them to the treasure.

One particular Bumble Bee did not.

It wandered aimlessly all around the flower and never made it to the treasure.

The Witch Doctor concluded it must be colour blind.

Or it could have been dizzy or delirious or demented, I suppose.

The Witch Doctor wonders what the future holds for this poor Bumble Bee.

If The Witch Doctor had been at work, she would never have made this observation.

Because, in the NHS nowadays, it is ACTIVITY that counts.

ACTIVITY usually not preceded by adequate Thinking Time.

ACTIVITY that often goes round in circles like the colour-blind, dizzy, delirious, demented Bumble Bee.

The Witch Doctor often wonders what the future holds for a bumbling National Health Service and for a bumbling medical profession where Thinking Time has been stolen.

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