Posted by: Witch Doctor | July 22, 2009

Common Purpose is like the World Wide Web


Doubts about the NHS Leadership Agenda/Fad, led The Witch Doctor to Common Purpose where she encountered the term “Leading Beyond Authority” and a book of that name written by Julia Middleton who set up Common Purpose.

Then The Witch Doctor found herself becoming tangled up in a vast amount of information of great complexity regarding Common Purpose as she tried to find out more about this organisation.

Why did she want to find out more information?

Because of their promotional film (see yesterday’s link)

If you ask why The Witch Doctor did not like this film, her answer would have to be:

“I don’t know, I just didn’t”

The truth is that The Witch Doctor felt it had a subliminal threatening and pessimistic effect on her brain.

So, this is probably what drove The Witch Doctor to single out Common Purpose from the countless other leadership courses on offer. Incidentally, leadership courses seem to be big business in the world today. Presumably since we don’t mine much coal or build big boats in the UK any more, we need to manufacture leadership courses to boost the economy.

Anyway, the attempt to research Common Purpose took The Witch Doctor to many fascinating places on the internet. Indeed Common Purpose seems to have its very own world wide web in knots and tangles  all around it.

My Black Cat tagged along and we followed the convoluted paths together. It didn’t take long for us to discover The Conspiracy Theories surrounding Common Purpose. My Black Cat jumped up and down with excitement at this point because she loves mystery and adventure and conspiracies.

The Witch Doctor doesn’t. She is always on the lookout for Creep.

However, if you do a Google search for Common Purpose you will discover that the abundant conspiracy theories are but one click away.

This made it difficult to amass reliable information on Common Purpose.

But it is best to know about the conspiracy theories in order to get some kind of orientation as you wander about the Common Purpose tangle, otherwise the journey becomes very confusing.

It was then My Black Cat and The Witch Doctor parted company. She explored the exciting fictional pathway while The Witch Doctor went on a much more mundane journey to hunt for facts.

No doubt My Black Cat will chip in every now and then with her conspiracy tuppence-worth interrupting The Witch Doctor’s journey into Common Purpose territory.

If so, just ignore her.

She’s just a witch’s cat, for goodness sake!

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  1. Don’t like the video either. All that smiling is creepy. It seems like a kind of secular masons to me; they are targeting the same groups that the masons do and seem to be creating a brotherhood, for want of a better expression. I don’t like it anyway.

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  3. […] Black Cat, as she skulked about, discovered Common Purpose. This seemed to be a well-known leadership outfit, although on asking around medical colleagues […]

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