Posted by: Witch Doctor | July 24, 2009

Alan Milburn and “The Pure Market”


Did you know that the bottled water industry comes very close to what economists refer to as a “pure market?”

i.e. the contents of all bottles of water are much the same as tap water. In fact some bottled water is obtained from the tap. The bottle, the design, the labelling and the hype will decide whether a little corner of the customers brain will be enslaved or not.

Sure, if the bottle reminds you of a piece of Tiffany glassware, buy it – but just remember the product is the bottle. If you buy it for the contents, then part of your brain has lost a few glass marbles.

The ‘standing down” Alan Milburn, is probably well aware of this weakness in the brains of The Humankind. He, with his lucrative Pepsi connections, will surely have contemplated “the pure market” of bottled water. My Black Cat is of the opinion that there may have been, or still be, a plan to generate “a pure market” in healthcare for those who are not ill.

“Despite everything that’s happened, I don’t think many people grasp just how raw, how explicit, the corruption of our institutions has become

— Paul Krugman, writing in the New York Times”

“…former health ministers have done particularly well. The ex-health secretary Patricia Hewitt earns more than £100,000 as a consultant for Alliance Boots and Cinven, a private equity group that bought 25 private hospitals from Bupa. After leaving the department, her predecessor, Alan Milburn, worked for Bridgepoint Capital, which successfully bid for NHS contracts, and now boasts a striking portfolio of jobs with private health companies. When I rang Milburn yesterday to ask whether he saw any conflict of interest in his directorships, he swore and hung up, but later emailed to say he had “always followed the proper processes laid down for former ministers”.

– Seumas Milne, The Guardian.

The Witch Doctor refers to Alan Milburn as one half of The job Share Pied Piper, but another blogger, Ecologics, refers to him as The Chamaeleon.

Wonder why, My Black Cat.

Wonder why…

Read on…………

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