Posted by: Witch Doctor | July 24, 2009

Mr Brown, talents and common purpose


Surfing around the internet looking for information on Common Purpose becomes a bit of a drudgery after a while. Firstly, you have to decide whether you are looking at a conspiracy site that is way off the mark regarding evidence and secondly, the term “common purpose” small capitals is being used in various contexts all over the world.

Like Lord Darzi did.

Take this speech as another example.

Gordon Brown delivered it at the New Labour conference in the spring of 2008.

What’s the title?


How many times did he mention the words “common purpose?”


“And this, is a new common purpose that our generation can forge together, a new meritocracy, a new wave of upward social mobility, that instead of unlocking just some of the talent of some of the people, must in this generation unlock all of the talents, of all of the people”

“And to forge this common purpose we must create.:……….”

“From welfare to crime, from health to education, from housing to the environment, this is our common purpose, our agenda for change, our ambition for this new age. This is the New Labour promise of opportunity and security, not just for some but for all.”

“So I am only standing here today because a previous generation fought for education for all, demanded an NHS for all, dared to stand up for a common purpose, opportunity for all, and in their generation, unleashed the power of opportunity to change lives.”

“And people don’t write great new chapters of history when they stand frozen by fear in time and place – but when they come together in common purpose, emboldened by hope.”

“And imagine if together we create a Britain where, for all of us, the future is not a fate we can’t escape but a common purpose we create.”

“With pride in our common purpose,”

Yes Seven, the witching number. Eight if you include the title.

Now, My Black Cat became apoplectic about this. She was sure it was a sign that there was a huge conspiracy afoot and a coded message was being sent out to the chosen leaders of our society.

What a load of tosh!

I asked her to count the number of times the work “talent” was uttered by Mr Brown in the same speech.

How many?


Once more, the witching number seven.

Surely My Back Cat has been around long enough to recognise these words that are peppering this speech are just Blue Bottle Spells.

They are being cast indiscriminately by bored witches who are having a bit of fun.

That’s all.

Stupid Cat!

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