Posted by: Witch Doctor | July 25, 2009

Common Purpose – the book – “Leading Beyond Authority”


So, My Black Cat was sent to go shopping to the big bookshop to get some “hard copy” evidence – straight from the horses mouth ie Julia Middleton, the founder of Common Purpose.

She found the book, paid her money and brought it home.

We spent some time reading it, My Black Cat and I.

We are not going to give a critique of the book. Suffice it to say, much of it concerned the thoughts of important people who clearly had some kind of allegiance to Common Purpose.

For example on the back cover are statements of support from:

Rosabeth Moss Kanter
Harvard Business School Professor and author of “Confidence: How winning streaks and losing streaks begin and end.

Lord Puttnam
President of UNICEF UK, former filmmaker

Sir Derek Higgs
Chairman, Alliance and Leicester plc

Narayana Murthy
Chairman and Chief Mentor, Infosys Technologies Ltd

Prue Leith
Businesswoman, celebrity cook and novelist

Sir Gerry Robinson
Chair, Moto Hopsitality Ltd, author of “I’ll show them whose boss. Six secrets of successful management”

The forward is written by Sir David Bell, Chairman of The Financial Times.

I am not permitted to quote from the book because I have not asked for permission and I have no idea whether such permission would be granted.

I’m not sure if this permission extends to the supporting comments on the back of the paper cover, or to the forward, so I am refraining from quoting from these also.

For the time being, I am playing safe.

There is a very clear statement at the front regarding the copyright belonging to Common Purpose Charitable Trust 2007. I’m not even sure if I can quote verbatim what this says.

However the gist of it is that if I, without permission, copy a paragraph (yes, it specifically says “paragraph”) from this book, I may be liable to criminal prosecution and civil claims for damages.

I suppose this is a normal copyright statement at the beginning of all books nowadays.

I suppose it is standard.

Go and check some of the thousands of books we have on the shelves, My Black Cat, and confirm this is normal practice. Pay particular attention to the recent publications.

Normal practice or not, this has made me think some deeply profound thoughts, my fellow bloggers. But I’m not ready to share them with you yet.

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