Posted by: Witch Doctor | July 29, 2009

WD’s Apology (2) – The Broomstick Maker


The next part of my explanation for My Black Cat’s outburst over the weekend relates to a very strange coincidence.

If there had not been an irritation in The Witch Doctor’s life, the coincidence would have passed her by!

They call this The Butterfly Effect.

The Witch Doctor’s best broomstick failed its MOT!

This is very serious because it is the only broomstick capable of flying long distances and the only one that The Witch Doctor would risk using on a journey over the ocean.

So My Black Cat and I visited The Broomstick Maker during The Witching Hour to see whether he could mend it or whether it was past redemption.


When The Witch Doctor arrived at The Broomstick Maker’s workshop she found he was grappling with a problem. While surfing The Freedom of the Internet looking for a particular site relating to journalism, he had discovered an outfit known as The Media Standards Trust. It seemed to be a charity of some kind that had been set up to ensure everyone working in the media has their socks pulled up.

The Witch Doctor had never heard of them.

Neither had The Broomstick Maker up till then.

So we surfed around The Freedom of the Worldwide Wide Web to find out more about them. We are not very sure why we wanted to find out more about them. Maybe as witches we were rather intrigued that The Humankind seem to be able to set up a charity at the drop of a hat nowadays in order to influence the way others do their job and how others think about things.

Charities used to be about selling flags and poppies to raise funds for injured soldiers and for making and manning lifeboats.

No longer.

Nowadays everyone seems to be clambering on to the charity bandwagon.

They now call it “The Third Sector.”

“Charitisation” is a new word that appeared recently. Coined from “Privatisation” no doubt.

We thought it might be a good idea to find out the people who were involved with this charity. To look behind the scenes as it were.

Immediately, we found these names.

Sir David Bell – Chair, Media Standards Trust Board

Julia Middleton – Deputy Chair, Media Standards Trust Board.

If you have been following this blog over the past few days, these names might ring a bell with you.

They certainly did with The Witch Doctor.

And lo and behold, they seemed to have something to do with some kind of award called “The Orwell Prize.”

How weird is that?

So, The Broomstick Maker and The Witch Doctor decided to look into this further using The Freedom of the Internet.

And My Black Cat tagged along too…..

More soon….

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  1. There is also an Orwell Prize for blogs; the 2009 prize went to NightJack, and we all know what happened to him!

    • Yes indeed. My Black Cat became very excited when she heard there was to be an Orwell Prize for bloggers too. She thinks government, institutions, charities and the media, have recently been taking a remarkable interest in bloggers. Being a suspicious witch’s cat, she is asking herself why. What happened to Nightjack fueled her suspicions. It’s a wonder she didn’t have an outburst about that! She has a vibrant imagination. I try to ignore her most of the time.

  2. […] better let them know  soon what happened when we went back to The Broomstick Maker’s workshop to see whether he could mend […]

  3. […] first visited The Broomstick Maker in July 2009 during The Witching […]

  4. […] first visited The Broomstick Maker in July 2009 during The Witching […]


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