Posted by: Witch Doctor | July 30, 2009

WD Apology (3) – The Intertwinglement


Part 3 of The Witch Doctor’s apology on behalf of My Black Cat’s recent outburst involves a connection that we witches suspect is An Intertwinglement.

An Intertwinglement is a witching word the meaning of which can only be found in a witch’s dictionary, although some IT superstars who are not witches use it in a different context.

It is difficult to describe to The Humankind exactly what it means because Witchspeak can be very subtle at times.

Sorry, I’m rambling.

Anyway, it soon became clear to The Witch Doctor and The Broomstick Maker that there was an overlap, for want of a better word, between Common Purpose and The Media Standards Trust.

Sir David Bell holds the Chair of The Media Standards Trust. He is also Chairman of Common Purpose International.

Julia Middleton is Deputy Chair of The Media Standards Trust. She is also Founder and Chief Executive of Common Purpose.

You can find this information for yourself if you search the Media Standards Trust, Common Purpose and The Orwell Prize sites. It is no secret.

You can confirm the addresses of these organisations quite easily if you want to.  Please yourselves. You might not want to trust a couple of witches who are not of The Humankind.


According to our research, the address of the charity “Common Purpose” is:

Common Purpose,

Discovery House,

28-42 Banner Street,

London EC1Y 8QE.

And the address of the charity “The Media Standards Trust” is:

Media Standards Trust

Ground Floor, Discovery House

28-42 Banner Street

London EC1Y 8QE

The above is the address given on the MST website, however the contact name and address for MST on The Charities Commission website is different.  It gives a Leeds address.

My Black Cat was looking over our shoulders as we discovered the occupants of Discovery House had much in common. She then arched her back and jumped out of the window of The Broomstick Maker’s Workshop and sped off into the night. We wondered if she had caught the whiff of a rat somewhere and was going hunting.

In the meantime, The Witch Doctor and The Broomstick Maker continued searching The Freedom of the Internet or more information.

When My Black Cat returned she was very excited.

She said she had caught a rat.

More soon………

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  1. Funny thing is, I think I might have found a small furry rodent of my own as well – but I’d rather not say until I see what your cat’s found.
    I don’t know yet if it’s a real-life rat, but something is starting to smell less like stupidity than I first thought.

  2. […] Then The Broomstick Maker became aware of an Uncanny Intertwinglement. […]

  3. […] Then The Broomstick Maker became aware of an Uncanny Intertwinglement. […]


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