Posted by: Witch Doctor | July 31, 2009

WD Apology (4) – Indigestion


Part 4 of The Witch Doctor’s apology on behalf of My Black Cat’s recent outburst involves her bringing some more evidence of An Intertwinglement to us.

As The Broomstick Maker’s clock struck thirteen to indicate the end of The Witching Hour, My Black Cat appeared at the window of The Broomstick Maker’s workshop looking very pleased with herself.

She said she had devoured a rat.

Her eyes had taken on a very green colour. This happens when she has indigestion.


There was no evidence of the said rat at all. Instead, in her mouth was a piece of paper rolled up and securely tied with a piece of string.

It contained a list of names.

Sir David Bell (Chairman, Financial Times Group)

Julia Middleton (CEO, Common Purpose)

Sir Cyril Chantler (Chairman, King’s Fund)

Sir Robert Worcester (Founder, MORI)

Tim Waterstone (Founder of Waterstones bookstores and Daisy & Tom children’s department stores)

Robert Peston (Business Editor, BBC)

William Davies (Goldsmiths College, London)

Roger Graef (Films of Record)

Baroness Helena Kennedy QC

Stephen George Platten (Bishop of Wakefield)

Geraint Talfan Davies (Chair, Institute of Welsh Affairs)

Anthony Salz (Executive Vice Chairman, NM Rothschild)

Sue Stapely (Quiller Consultants/Sue Stapely Consulting)

Amelia Fawcett (Vice Chairman, Morgan Stanley)

Albert Scardino (journalist, editor)

Sir Philip Otton (retired judge)

Martin Moore (director Media Standards Trust)

She said these were the names of the members of the Media Standards Trust Board plus the name of the Director of The Media Standards Trust.

She said that NINE of these names had close connections with Common Purpose.

She wanted us to do some statistics on her findings. She wanted to know whether the figures she had were statistically significant. ie whether they were indicative of an intertwinglement between the Media Standards Trust and Common Purpose rather than a chance finding.

We told her that she didn’t need any statistical input. We made it clear to My Black Cat that a blind, deaf and dumb monkey could work out that if 50% of the members of The Media Standards Trust had clear associations with Common Purpose, then there was definitely some Serious Intertwinglement going on between the two establishments.

She seemed happy with that.

However, The Broomstick Maker and The Witch Doctor were not happy. We wanted to know the source of My Black Cat’s evidence and whether or not it was reliable.

She said some, but not all, of the information was easily available on The Freedom of the Internet.

But she didn’t tell us the source of the remaining information.

Instead, My Back Cat smiled a silly smile and her eyes became greener still.

More soon………

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