Posted by: Witch Doctor | August 1, 2009

WD Apology (5) The List


Part 5 of The Witch Doctor’s apology on behalf of My Black Cat’s recent outburst concerns written, tangible, hard-copy evidence of An Intertwinglement.

As we set off home, My Black Cat told me where she had obtained the information regarding The Intertwinglement of the casts of Common Purpose and The Media Standards Trust.

Then we talked about statistics.

I told My Black Cat that the association could have happened by chance alone only if about 50 percent of the population who held positions of high office in business, charities, government bodies, regulatory establishment, the media etc had some kind of connection with Common Purpose.

My Black Cat nodded her head and said Common Purpose members were infiltrating every walk off life.

I told her not to be ridiculous. None of The Witch Doctor’s friends or colleagues had ever heard of Common Purpose prior to The Witch Doctor’s chance discovery, and that degree of ignorance would not be possible if 50% of the population were involved.

Unless, of course, there was some kind of secret society at work……

The Witch Doctor dismissed this possibility, but My Black Cat nodded her head enthusiastically as she entered conspiracy mode.

My Black Cat said we just don’t get out enough.

I told her to cool off and threw a bucket of water over her.

However, we both agreed that Intertwinglement was more likely than Chance.

Or maybe a bit of both were at play.


Anyway, when we returned home, The Witch Doctor went into her vast library and checked up on the sources of My Black Cat’s information.

The first source was Julia Middleton’s book, “Leading Beyond Authority.”

Throughout the book the author had sought comments from various people and had acknowledged them all in a separate section. It seems reasonable to suppose, therefore, that these people at the very least knew and approved of Common Purpose and the concept of “Leading Beyond Authority” and had given their permission to be associated with it. At most, they may themselves be significant players in The Common Purpose Establishment.

In addition to Julia Middleton and Sir David Bell, three other members of  The Media Standards Trust Board were there. These were:

Sir Cyril Chantler, Chairman of King’s Fund.

Sue Stapely, Quiller Consultants / Sue Stapely Consulting

Amelia Fawcett, Vice Chairman, Morgan Stanley

Sir Cyril Chantler is a member of the medical profession.

A total of 87 names appear in the book, some of them very well known, from all sectors of society, and most of them in senior positions.

The Witch Doctor read this list over several times as she chanted a spell.

A spell that commits the list to The Witch Doctor’s memory for ever.

She will use these 87 names as a check-list when she looks at the membership of important committees, boards, trustees and regulators etc in future.

She will question, question, question.

More soon………

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  1. Your cat may be interested in this blog (sorry I don’t know how to create a link). Unfortunately, it may make his/her hair stand on end, but well worth a read. Readers’ comments are interesting, to say the least.
    Have a browse through the graduates too. My oh my!

  2. Thanks for visiting.

    Yes My Black Cat skulks around all of these sites and becomes very excited. No doubt she will not be able to contain herself and will have another outburst sometime when I’m out digging the garden or cleaning up The Spell Pantry.

    Its just as well I’m here to keep her under control most of the time!


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