Posted by: Witch Doctor | August 2, 2009

WD’s Apology (6) – Grading the Evidence


Part 6 of The Witch Doctor’s apology on behalf of My Black Cat’s recent outburst concerns more evidence of An Intertwinglement between Common Purpose and The Media Standards Trust.

Unfortunately, My Black Cat is not overly critical regarding the sources of her information, so The Witch Doctor has to keep her on a tight reign and check up on everything she says.

So, in order to try to contain My Black Cat’s enthusiasm for conspiracy theories the Witch Doctor has graded the evidence depending on the source.

Grade A Evidence comes from information supplied directly by Common Purpose. This is subdivided into:

Grade A1 is evidence obtained from Julia Middleton’s book “Leading Beyond Authority”

Grade A2 is evidence obtained from The Freedom of the World Wide Web. In order to be classified as A2, it must originate directly from Common Purpose eg a Common Purpose Website, documentation of courses run by Common Purpose etc.



The Witch Doctor has warned My Black Cat that, in the meantime, she will only consider Grade A evidence regarding The Intertwinglement.

My Black Cat reported that there were nine members of The Media Standards Trust Board who had a link with Common Purpose.

The remaining three names were confirmed by The Witch Doctor as  Grade A 2 evidence.

Tim Waterstone – Founder of Waterstones bookstores and Daisy and Tom children’s department stores.

Robert Peston – Business Editor BBC.

Stephen George Platten – Bishop of Wakefield.

And in addition is Martin Moore – Director of the Media Standards Trust.

You can look this up yourself if you can be bothered. It may take some time, but it is there for you to find. Don’t expect an old witch to do everything for you.

So, My Black Cat seems to be correct in this instance. Nine people (50%) out of the eighteen listed have links with Common Purpose.

However, there seems to have been another two names recently added to the list of Trustees. These are:

Mary-Ellen Barker (Thomson Reuters)

Charles Manby (Golden Sachs)

We know nothing about them, but no doubt My Black Cat will fish around The Freedom of The World Wide Web for information.

My Black Cat is at pains to tell me there may be more members of the Media Standards Trust Board with links to Common Purpose, however I am ignoring her because they are not Grade A1 or A2. ie. this “evidence” may be a figment of her imagination.

So, My Black Cat and I both agree there is strong evidence of An Intertwinglement between The Media Standards Trust and Common Purpose.

The Reason My Black Cat had her recent outburst was because:

1. SHE IS NOT SELECTIVE – She believes EVERYTHING that she reads on The Freedom of The Internet regarding Common Purpose ie she follows the conspiracy theories avidly.

2. She believes there have been recent moves by The Media Standard Trust that, in the twisted mind of a witch’s cat, consolidate her belief in these unproven theories.

More soon………

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  1. Keep up the good work witchdoctor- you’re doing a very valuable job here.

    Gabby Julie aka Julie at Campaigning for Health

    There’s a crowd up here in Scotland that are a ‘think-tank’ they’re called Reform Scotland or something like that. Sound a bit like this lot..

    • Just about to link to your blog Julie.

      A lot of common sense there!

      Keep going too.

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