Posted by: Witch Doctor | August 18, 2009

WD Apology (17) – Another intertwinglement


I need to use the Ancient Bottle Spell to become a younger witch again.This is because detecting and unraveling intertwinglements is very taxing for an old witch’s brain.

My Black Cat has difficulty distinguishing between upper and lower case letters. At times this leads to some problems and I need to apologise on her behalf.

She becomes very excited every time someone connected with Her Majesty’s Government mentions the words “common purpose.”

This is because she thinks there is an intertwinglement between HMG and “Common Purpose”

She is probably correct.

What is not clear though is how intertwingled The Intertwinglement is.

There is no doubt, for example, that governments pay particular attention to, and participate in, Think Tanks.


One of the most powerful and influential of these is DEMOS.

There is undoubtedly a strong intertwinglement between COMMON PURPOSE and DEMOS.

The evidence for this is good. i.e.  GRADE A2 – the information is available from a Common Purpose Website.

“Julia has founded or helped in the founding of: Demos (an independent think tank), Impetus Trust (developing venture philanthropy in the UK), The Media Standards Trust ( fostering high standards in the news media), The Good Governance Network (supporting those involved in governance), and Alfanar (developing venture philanthropy in the Arab world). She is also on the Advisory Group of the Oxford Business School.”

If you look for this information carefully on The Freedom of the World Wide Web, you will find it.

You don’t have to trust me.

So, If government is intertwingled with Think Tanks, and Julia Middleton who is the founder of Common Purpose, also co-founded one of the most influential of these think tanks, then there is a degree of intertwinglement which has the potential to become a matted tangle if it involves politicians.

Stands to reason.

Eh, My Black Cat.

More soon………

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  1. Common Purpose website shows they are very active in South Africa. You will note from this news link the SA Government is setting up a national health insurance scheme.
    Mr Brown has also given millions of pounds of UK taxpayers’ money to African countries to set up national health insurance schemes. In view of the debate over the same in the US, one has to wonder why all this nationalisation of health?

  2. I had noticed too that there is Common Purpose activity in South Africa. Common Purpose has received some funding from the UK government ie from the Department of International Development – Civil Society Challenge Fund.


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