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The St Valentine’s Day blogger


He (he writes like a he, so I think he is a he, but he might be a she) first appeared on St Valentine’s day 2009.

Then he disappeared till Easter.

Come August, he’s back again!

What’s he playing at, My Black Cat?

He says wise things. But is he only going to be a blogger on heydays and holidays?

Will he disappear again till Christmas?

Anyway, just in case The St Valentine’s Day blogger vanishes again, everyone in the land should read this excellent article on Revalidation by Dr No.



“There is much to be said about revalidation, and none of it is good. However much the Authorities may cant on about it being worthy and necessary, the fact is that most jobbing doctors consider revalidation to be unworthy, unnecessary and an unjustifiable intrusion into professional practice.”

Dr No puts it concisely:

“Revalidation reverses the normal contract between a doctor and society. It replaces the idea of a contract built on trust which assumes that the doctor is capable until proved otherwise with one that says the doctor in incapable until proved otherwise: that the doctor is untrustworthy until he or she has proved that they are trustworthy. It creates a state of affairs in which the default position is one of suspicion and mistrust.”

Dr No challenges a reference that has been used to support revalidation by Dr Martin Marshall, former Deputy Chief Medical Officer (England), now Director of Clinical Quality, The Health Foundation, which is a charitable trust.

Dr No is astute.

“It never does any harm to check whether a reference actually supports what an author says it does.”

Too true!

He discovers the reference says exactly the opposite of what is claimed.


We said over a decade ago that what seemed like simple, harmless, voluntary documentation of Continuing Professional Development would metamorphose into something much more controlling, false, expensive, and above all stupid. Didn’t we, My Black Cat.?

And we decided we would play no part in it.

We decided to do things differently, didn’t we?

To do things our way.

And we did.

And we still do.

Don’t we, My Black Cat?

Somehow the idea was floated that all doctors should be considered to originate from A Shipman Clone until proven otherwise. The proof of trustworthiness would be found in a bizarre system of documentation – a facile procedure known as “Revalidation” conceived by government and ratified and developed  by the carefully selected leaders puppets of the medical profession: Puppets who could not say no: Puppets who were not representing the grass roots of the medical profession nor the patients who consistently show they trust their doctors.

Puppets who were too close to government.

IWantGreatCare even encourages patients to tell the world whether they regard their doctor as trustworthy or not.

Yes, Neil Bacon and his merry men want individual patients to act as judge and jury over whether a doctor can be trusted or not.


That then raises major issues.

In what way can a particular doctor featuring in IWantGreatCare not be trusted?

Does the doctor lie, steal, assault, rape, murder?

Or does he just not smile much…

Who knows? – it’s anybody’s guess.

Those patients reading an entry on IWantGreatCare have to guess about the doctor whose name may be tarnished forever on the whim of a disgruntled or mentally ill patient.

Better avoid that doctor.

Just in case…..

He/she may, after all, be A Shipman Clone.

Will the GMC be required to investigate every doctor who does not score 100% on trustworthiness?

Or will 95% do.

Or will the pass mark be 50%

It could be argued they will have to investigate them all.

Glory be, My Black Cat, it may be the only clue there is that the said Dr is A Shipman Clone!

If they don’t investigate any degree of untrustworthiness, those in the GMC may be found culpable especially since they have links with IWantGreatCare (they did a feature on it their journal, and some GMC members were supportive).


That would never do!

The GMC will need to cover their backs!

Well, won’t they?

How stupid this country has become!

How stupid of the medical profession to let this happen!

Why should a government want to sell to the public that they should be suspicious of and mistrust their doctors, My Black Cat?

Who exactly benefits from the revolution of Revalidation?

It seems the medical profession is being conned by Revalidation, My Black Cat.

So are the patients.

Wonder why….

And we wonder what all the nuances of all the antics of Revalidation will cost the taxpayer.

And who will gain?

Don’t we My Black Cat?

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  1. […] In fact we thought of him as the St Valentine’s day blogger. […]

  2. A very interesting piece of post and the GMC has been hit right in it. The revalidation for doctors has raised many questions and skepticism among the doctors. Let’s wait what comes up after the first round of revalidation.

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