Posted by: Witch Doctor | August 26, 2009

WD Apology (20) – Symbolism


My Black Cat turns into a wobbling jelly when she sees symbolism.

Especially eyes.

She nearly freaked out when she looked at the link on one of the posts the other day.

See if you can find the eye there.


You will recollect there is an intertwinglement between Demos and Common Purpose.

My Black Cat is rendered catatonic when she visits the Demos website.

Demos has an eye in its logo!

I wonder if they know over there at Demos what they are doing to witches cats.

Now she’s on to the symbolic sun or star or whatever it is in the Common Purpose logo. She is convinced it has a deep meaning.

I am trying to tell her it is just creative artwork.

Perhaps establishments that use symbolism like this will take advice from The Witch Doctor.

If you don’t want the conspiracy theorists and witches cats to have a field day, then stay clear of it!

Leave it to the witches.

More soon………

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  1. My very limited understanding of NLP is that it’s a technique used in public speaking to emphasise your message by using gestures, eye contact and specific linguistic groups of words that tap into the brain in a subconscious way. It can also be about pace. Some are more subtle than others. For example, there was a health meeting I went to and the suit in charge took his jacket off and hung it on the chair to show that he was friendly. I took an immediate dislike to him. Tony Blair on the other hand, uses pace a lot in his speech making. He groups his phrases in a non rhythmical fashion and it means that you listen more carefully. It drives me absolutely mad as a musician, but it is an effective technique, both in making someone listen and also fobbing off a hostile reaction from the crowd. It’s the opposite of banging a drum, if you know what I mean and the hypnotic reaction that produces.
    Don’t know if I’ve explained that too well. But basically you know you’ve been NLPd if you feel a speech has that ‘lot of fuss about nothing’ quality to it. Lots of enthusiasm and no content. I must look at the Common Purpose vid again..

    • Linking NLP with music and pace is interesting. Tony Blair certainly seemed to “have a way with him” when he spoke, but I never ever considered that is was anything other than natural. Maybe some people use some of these techniques simply because that is the way they naturally express themselves. Maybe these people become leaders without even trying because they have the capability of influencing others. Who knows. There is no doubt the “lot of fuss about nothing” quality is something that is heard frequently nowadays. Having to listen to guff with absolutely no substance to it – that seems very familiar.

      I have no knowledge of NLP at all and tended to dismiss it as another fad, however do know, or rather used to know, a little bit about hypnosis and something you said makes me wonder a bit. Might do a post about it later if I can get my head round it.

  2. […] night Gabby Julie made a comment about […]

  3. Call me cynical, but I’m wondering if that “lot of fuss about nothing” feeling is a sign that either a) the techniques don’t really work and just irritate the average person; or b) that the person using the techniques isn’t all that clever about it.
    Surely for NLP to be effective, the person on the receiving end would have to be unaware that they’re a ‘test subject’?

    From my limited knowledge of NLP, a lot of it seems to be about studying people on an individual basis, understanding how they view the world (including their patterns of speech, etc) and persuading them by appearing to empathise with their view of things.

    People with Borderline Personality Disorder are often naturally adept at entering into someone else’s frame of reference like that – but I’m not sure it’s a skill that a normal, sane person can just pick up by going on a course.

  4. I suppose if everyone was aware of the techniques used in NLP, then people would know when they were being manipulated and would consequently back off. Presumably then it would then die a death except in circumstances where it was being used with consent as a type of psychological support. That presupposes it has a role at all.

    Your comment about Borderline Personality Disorder is interesting. It could be argued that it takes a degree of empathy to view how another person looks at life. I had always thought this disorder was associated with lack of empathy, but perhaps it is much more complicated than that. My knowledge of psychiatry is very rusty.

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