Posted by: Witch Doctor | August 28, 2009

Dr (Valentine) No – some probabilities


Yes, My Black Cat, Dr (Valentine) No’s writings probably originate from the brain of the male variety of The Human Kind.

The probability is greater than 50%.

Dr No is a man.

Have a read at his two most recent posts.



“In the case of powerful, often addictive drugs, the best course is never to start a drug – unless it is absolutely necessary. Once the patient has slept in the arms of Morphia, it is a thousand-fold more difficult to dissuade them from further prescriptions than it is to dissuade them from starting in the first place.”


“Doctors increasingly use probability to decide how to treat their patients. They have sexed it up a bit (by calling it evidence based medicine) but the underlying process is all about probability.

This might just be fine and dandy for public health doctors like Sir Liar Liar Pants-on-Fire Donaldsong, but for jobbing doctors treating individual patients it contains a fundamental flaw. That flaw is that what applies to groups (populations) does not apply to individuals.”

Dr (Valentine) No’s posts are scientific, analytic, straight to the point and full of common sense.

But written in a way that other members of the Humankind and even witches’ cats can understand.

This means that he is probably not a witch.

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