Posted by: Witch Doctor | August 28, 2009

WD Apology (22) – Unintentional Hypnosis


They say that, in order to be hypnotised, you need imagination.

We witches are all well endowed with that.

What happened to The Witch Doctor as a final year medical student was a bit of an embarrassment.

The Witch Doctor was being taught obstetrics at the time. One morning she was required to attend a small group tutorial with another five medical students. The consultant who was taking the tutorial was talking about analgesia during labour. It was well known that he used hypnosis sometimes and so the tutorial went in that direction.

He then asked for a volunteer in order to demonstrate the induction of hypnosis. The Witch Doctor’s eyes lowered to the floor as she tried to look disinterested; for there was no way she was going to make an exhibition of herself in front of her peers. One of the male students, game for anything, put himself forward.


The demonstration was successful. The student seemed to go into a trance and a post hypnotic suggestion was made that, on coming out of the trance, he would be unable to feel pin pricks to one of his hands for a period of 15 minutes. To the amazement of the small group this was indeed what happened.

The Witch Doctor, however, was neither amazed nor amused. She was mad at herself.

Two of the group had been hypnotised – one intentionally, the other not.

You will by now have guessed the unintended consequences of this exercise – The Witch Doctor was hypnotised too.

The consultant noticed all of this was happening, of course, and took The Witch Doctor aside afterwards and told her she was a good hypnotic subject.

It was at that moment The Witch Doctor realised it was not the first time she had experienced a hypnotic trance.

As a seventeen year old, at the airfield in Europe, the same feeling had come over her, but on that occasion many in the group were affected.

These experiences, turned out to be very useful to The Witch Doctor some years later.

More soon………

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  1. Europe isn´t always good, there are some really scary stories there..

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