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WD Apology (23) Self Hypnosis


As fate would have it, the obstetrician looking after The Witch Doctor during her first pregnancy was the very same one who hypnotised her by mistake some years before.

It must have been because of this he remembered The Witch Doctor (it was unlikely he remembered her because of her brilliant abilities as a student in his specialty!)

In truly gentlemanly fashion he asked The Witch Doctor if he would like him to teach her how to hypnotise herself in preparation for the delivery.

Anything for a painless life! The Witch Doctor agreed, and so she padded along to his office for a few weekly sessions to learn the technique. I suppose, at that time, it is one of the few perks of being a doctor in the same hospital. It probably wouldn’t happen now.

And so all of The Witch Children (there are quite a few) first encountered their mother witch as she was emerging from a trance and they may have benefited a little from lack of exposure to the products of the opium poppy.

They may have been in a trance too as they came into the world for all I know.


To be honest, although The Witch Doctor could induce hypnosis, she hadn’t a clue what was going on inside her brain. Consequently, it seemed like a good idea to buy a book on the subject and to attend a few meetings of the local society of medical and dental hypnosis in order to understand a bit more about the methods of trance induction and changes in the underlying physiology (she never ever discovered much about the latter).

She remembers one meeting well.

It took place as usual on a Sunday and consisted mainly of a series of demonstrations. There might have been about forty people attending. All doctors or dentists. Apart from the lecturers and a few old hands most were new to “the science” of hypnosis and probably had very little experience.

She remembers one speaker vividly. He took to the floor and used both a blackboard and a flip chart and flitted from one to another.

His lecture, if you could call it that, started off sensibly enough. Then, at some point the sense gradually merged into garbage. The rubbish he was bombarding us with made The Witch Doctor confused. Then she became aware she was entering a light hypnotic state. She knew what was happening. The speaker was using a technique capable of inducing mass hypnosis. There and then, The Witch Doctor decided she was not going to participate in this demonstration and she made her self snap out of the trance. It was quite difficult to do but she discovered if she stopped listening to the speaker and instead focused on the audience she could maintain her normal waking state.

So she looked around the room. There was an unusual stillness. Everyone seemed to be motionless. All eyes were focused on he speaker. She was the only one looking around, shuffling her feet, looking inside her handbag and drawing cartoons on her notepad – all in an attempt to keep her mind occupied.

Almost the whole damned lecture theatre was hypnotised!

Eventually, the lecturer took the audience out of the trance but I can’t remember how. He informed them that he had successfully hypnotised most of the audience and discussed the technique used.

Then we queued up for a buffet lunch.

As we waited to be served there was much conversation about this experience.

Some were hopping mad, because their permission had not been sought.

More soon……..

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  1. V. interesting posts WD. My computer’s been down and so this is the first time I’ve been on the page since your first post on this.

    I’ve watched the Common Purpose video again and listened to the music. I find it irritating; it is going on a kind of round with variations dependent on who the subject is. So they have a kind of sitar sound when it is in the Sikh temple and so on; fairly predictable. There is a bit in the music where it breaks away from the bass and it is just the high strings playing the theme on their own that is slightly odd. Don’t find it hypnotic, but maybe should stick a needle into myself and check..

    Don’t know what Common Purpose is, but if it’s any comfort, where these organisations fall down is that they tend to lack imagination. Control of the masses and creativity do not go together and there’s always a way round them. Think of Bletchley Park, where they got every eccentric in the country and threw them altogether. The result was the creation of the computer which defeated the most advanced anti spyware of its time and with it, Hitler’s Germany. Take heart – there’s always a free mind and a free voice somewhere and they crop up when needed.
    Sheez! Maybe I am hypnotised..

  2. I don’t think either that the CP video had anything in it that would induce hypnosis but, for me, it had the ability to achieve a feeling of unease and even mood lowering.The music may have had something to do with that.

    I have just had sight of a brochure of one of their courses and the front page photograph incorporated in their artwork induced exactly the same uneasy feeling. I don’t know why a brochure might be designed to do that. For me, it would have the effect of shying away from the course. Perhaps I’m just a sensitive soul.

    Perhaps these dark effects are intentional, perhaps not.

    All a bit odd.

  3. Neurolinguistic Programming is dangerous! in as much as you allow someone else to control your imagination and to provide you with images that an unhypnotised brain would provide for itself.

    Being able to hypnotise yourself might be, on occasions quite useful. Being part of a hypnotised audience is not quite so useful

    Thank you for your helpful and as ever insightful posts

  4. Saw this post on Common Purpose; quite a good one I thought;

  5. Had a look at the vid again; there’s a cross and an ‘M’ behind the soldier and also a chair (the throne in the House of Lords). I don’t think this crowd are the masons, but they do seem to be using quite a few of their images. Not to mention the sunburst thingy in their logo.

    • I’m not sure what is really going on with the “Common Purpose” relating to the White House or whether its in any way connected. The conspiracy theorists would have it that way but I’ve not come across any real evidence so far. No doubt My Black Cat has her ear to the ground though and will report back when she gets excited.

      I hadn’t noticed the signs in the film till you pointed them out, but the way the word “loathing” was vocalised late on in the clip sticks in my mind.

  6. […] here:  WD Apology (23) Self Hypnosis « The Witch Doctor VN:F [1.1.6_502]please wait…Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes […]

  7. I think they are doing something quite clever here. I think they have deliberately put in the masonic regalia to make people think they are one thing, to obscure what they actually are. What are they? That’s anyone’s guess. But governments traditionally hate professions that they cannot control and they have always had difficulty with law and medicine, because lawyers and GPs are semi -independent of them. It may be an attempt to change that, and the way to do that is through dilution of training and control of the selection process. They have done that through MMC.

  8. I remember being told many years ago that it was felt those in the medical profession were a law unto themselves and governments of every hue would like to tame them.

    Perhaps the route to this is to create a system of continual confusion, change and overwork which promotes a feeling of tension and insecurity. It could be argued MMC was a feature of this.

    I don’t think Common Purpose is targeting the medical profession though. No-one I know had ever heard of them when I asked around earlier this year. Most doctors I know would completely dismiss a secretive group that used symbolism and weird promotional films. The Black Cats of the world might say this is all part of the conspiracy to stay below the radar of those that might prove difficult!!!

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