Posted by: Witch Doctor | September 2, 2009

WD Apology (24) – Be brave! Call in the army!


What, in the name of God, do you have there, My Black Cat?

And what are you shrieking about?

They have called in the army to train NHS leaders followers!

“Monitor, regulator of NHS foundation trusts, has ’joined forces’ with the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS) who run internationally recognised courses on leadership as a core part of their officer development training programme. This programme has enabled 1000‟s of delegates to better understand how to react to change under pressure; how to command with authority; how to ensure that people understand what is expected from them; how to communicate effectively.”


People need to be brave!

“- There is a wait to be asked, permission-seeking culture in many NHS foundation trusts which frustrates progress
– There is a perception that there is an unwillingness to be “brave‟ or to speak out for fear of reprisals or fear of being professionally isolated”


I know, I know, My Black Cat!


Please don’t say it!

I’m away ahead of you.

Julia Middleton was rabbiting on about being brave in her video which somehow did a vanishing act. The one where she bravely anchored her son in a boat.

By the way, My Black Cat, I have just learned that “anchor” is a term much loved by the NLP brigade.

Isn’t that a coincidence?

During the witching hour, My Black Cat, when we witches were having a good gossip, we wondered how many members of the medical profession in a position of authority in foundation hospitals are also graduates of Common Purpose.

A headcount might be called for, My Black Cat.

Freedom of Information requests perhaps.


It’s all just Creep and Coincidence of course.

But I am beginning to understand why a simple witch’s cat with nothing better to do might construct all of this into A Great Monolithic Conspiracy.

What a load of crap the medical profession is being conned into accepting!

Leaders my foot!

Followers all!

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  1. Hmmm ………………….. so if the “leadership courses” run by Common Purpose are such great value for money, why resort to RMAS to sort out these problems?
    Or is someone, somewhere, starting to recognise that maybe Common Purpose aren’t really offering anything that useful after all?

  2. My Black Cat seems to think the medical profession might not take Common Purpose seriously enough and might need a different approach!

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