Posted by: Witch Doctor | September 5, 2009

WD Apology (25) – An Ah-Ha Moment….


Goodness gracious me, My Black Cat, The Witch Doctor thinks she is having Her Second Ah-Ha Moment.

The First Ah-Ha Moment came to her in December 2007 when she penned this post.


She has been directed to this Second Ah-Ha Moment because of The Butterfly Effect of spending a Saturday morning sneaking around the medical blogosphere instead of gutting out The Spell Pantry.

Who would have thought the wonderland of MMC and MTAS would lead to this Second Ah-Ha Moment?

Everyone who wants to share in this Ah-Ha Moment will need a couple of free hours to watch, listen, and think.

Especially THINK.

First, pay a visit to Dr Bloggs.

Dr Grumble has picked up on this too in his daily readings. And then what does he do? Glory be, he unearths a presentation which seems to have been made in the land of Gabby Julie , The Oldest Sage Witch’s Ancient Scottish Granny, Gordon Brown, and Rabbie Burns.


It might be time for another Gathering of the Clans.


Eh, My Black Cat?

As Julie said in a recent post:

“See the Scots? See swine flu? See common sense?”

What’s that you’re saying, My Black Cat?

“See the Scots? See the financial crisis? See common sense? See Common Purpose?”

My Black Cat, I’m going silent now while I think about all of this.

You’ll need to go silent for a while as well, and think whether all of this gives you an Ah-Ha Moment too, regarding all the far-fetched conspiracy theories that you immerse yourself in regarding Common Purpose.

We’ll be back when the fog has completely lifted.

Eh, My Black Cat……..

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  1. I’m agog, agape and awaiting your next post WD. Did you read my post some time back ‘Not a European Private Healthcare Bill’ btw? If you haven’t read it, have a wee look. It links in with what you’re talking about.

    • It will be some time before I get my head round all of this, I fear, but the mist is clearing.

      Unfortunately, most of what was going on in the blogosphere in June passed me by since I was under The Oldest Sage Witch’s spell at the time!
      I’ve read your post now though and it is fascinating. People need to be very alert to what is going on in Europe but it is so complex and full of laws and directives that no-one has the time nor the inclination to delve into it. I doubt even if most politicians know what is going on. Allyson Pollock probably understands most aspects of The European Union very well in addition to the components relating to healthcare.

      Incidentally, I couldn’t get the link in your subsequent post to take me to her response now, nor could I find it by typing in her name in the search in the site.

      This is where it took me.

  2. If you click on the link below, this will take you to CIPHP’s page. Look down the list of documents on the right hand side and click on the one that says European Health Care Directive.

  3. […] reading concerns “The Second Ah-Ha Moment” that The Witch Doctor experienced at the […]

  4. Well, for some reason I couldn’t view the second film you mentioned via Dr Grumble’s blog, but the first video definitely gave me pause for thought. I’ll look forward to seeing what you come up with when you’re back.

  5. Haste ye back, WD.

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