Posted by: Witch Doctor | September 12, 2009

WD Apology (27) – Villains all


My Black Cat and I have surfaced momentarily from the research into our second Ah-Ha moment.

Just for a day.

Bad Medicine reported on the increase in the requirement for CRB checks on volunteers who have regular contact with children.

“Make no mistake: this is creep on a monumental scale. Before we know it, even parents will require CRB clearance before the State allows them to look after their own children.”

That would never happen?


Well, it could, My Black Cat, because that is exactly what Creep does.

And nobody notices much.


This covers children and vulnerable adults. It involves one overnight stay or three or more contacts per month on a regular basis.

Why three, My Black Cat?

Ah. Possibly villains only strike on the third occasion.

And who are vulnerable adults? Does that mean me because I’m an old eccentric witch who mislays things all the time and needs looking after when I’m not under the Ancient Bottle Spell?

And how often will the check need to be repeated?

No doubt you will dream up a conspiracy about this as well as all the other weird ones you confabulate, My Back Cat!

You already have?

You have been doing your research into the matter?

You have discovered an Intertwinglement with Common Purpose?

“Bob Reitemeier, Chief Executive of The Children’s Society, said the new safeguards were the result of many years of research into abuse.

“What we have to understand is there’s a great amount of learning that has been taking place over the years in looking at how people are abused and we have to apply that learning.”

They seem to support the ruling. What is The Children’s Society, My Black Cat?

A charity. There are at least two members of the Trustee Board of this charity who are graduates of Common Purpose.

Stop, My Black Cat! Don’t name names. Anyone who wants to know who they are can find out for themselves. However, yes, that is an intertwinglement. But for all you know, perhaps all the other trustees have been to different leadership courses, then it wouldn’t be at all significant.

Or it may be significant, if you found a large number of influential charities had Common Purpose graduates.

Then you would need to consider what the significance of The Intertwinglement was.

It might be a beneficial significance, a harmful significance, or a significance of no importance at all.

Not all Intertwinglements matter very much.

We need to concentrate on the more challenging work we have in hand, My Black Cat

Back sometime……..

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