Posted by: Witch Doctor | September 18, 2009

WD Aplogy (31) – The Change


So, Rt Hon Gordon Brown, Rt Hon David Cameron and Rt Hon Nick Clegg are all patrons of UpRising.

Why are your whiskers twitching, My Black Cat?

The Name!


You think it’s a definite sign of The Big Conspiracy?

Rubbish, My Black Cat. It’s just a clever name.

Conspiracies need to be hidden, not flaunted!


What is much more interesting is that the Prime Minister’s statement of support is much more specific than those of the other two.

He emphasises twice that it is a leadership programme.

He introduces his favourite word “talent.” Remember – he once had a Government of all the Talents!

And the most curious phrase of all:

“Helping a whole new generation of people to find the courage to make the change”

Exactly what change is he referring to My Black Cat?

He needs to be specific about “The Change.”

And why is courage needed?

And why was Julia Middleton also muttering about courage?

Probably it’s just some kind of figure of speech.

Probably it doesn’t mean very much.

Perhaps Mr Brown will read this and let us know.

On the other hand, perhaps everyone in the land knows all the details of “The Change.”

Perhaps everyone in the land is summoning up their Courage.

Perhaps everyone in the land is all bottled up with excitement about The Change and waiting courageously for it.

Perhaps they can’t show it for fear witches and black cats will discover what The Change is about!

Yes! Maybe the real conspiracy, My Black Cat, is that we are being kept out of something important.

Maybe it’s all because of The Spell you attempted to cast on Mr Brown one Christmas.

The one I kept asking you about.

The one you wouldn’t tell me about.

I suspect you made a monumental mess of that spell, My Black Cat.

I suspect that’s why Mr Brown has had so many troubles with his government.

I suspect Mr Brown doesn’t much like witches any more.

Or their black cats.

I suspect that is why none of us in witching community understand what is going to be “changed”

You really are a pest of a cat when you muck about with The Book of Spells!

You haven’t a clue what you are doing!

Back sometime……..

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