Posted by: Witch Doctor | September 21, 2009

WD Apology (32 ) – Politicising beyond authority


Well, well, My Black Cat, little did we know when we started this blog that MMC/MTAS and our own observations and experiences regarding the NHS would take us to The Leadership Agenda and then to issues political!

We knew way back then that there was something driving the MMC/MTAS fiasco, but we didn’t know what. We felt a bit sorry for Sir Liam Donaldson because we were sure he was a helpless bystander. Everyone else had other views. Nevertheless, he kept saying “this country needs more doctors.” We noted that in the very first posts in this blog. That was his statement and he was consistent. We agree with him on that. Many others didn’t and so didn’t notice the plan for Wheelie-Bin Doctors in general practice that now seems to be raising its head in some hospitals. The Creep is now well on its way.

We didn’t think everything would turn out to be so Deeply Political, for goodness sake!

But that is what has happened.

It is a great pity that our knowledge of politics is negligible, because our ignorance in this matter means that we have no authority whatsoever to discuss anything political nor have any valid opinions on any political party or ideology.

However since leaders are Leading Beyond Authority, we might as well Politicise Beyond Authority when we feel like it.

Our ignorance has served us well at the voting booth since we take it upon ourselves to be on a constant lookout for Hubris and, when we find it we do whatever it takes to vote the Party of Hubroids out whoever they are.

All witches do this.  That is because we are all very afraid of Hubris and the direction of Dark Creep that may follow Hubris.



So we witches are negative voters.

Some people call us “floating voters.”

But we’re not! We are the Anti-Hubris Political Party.

But you will never have heard of us since we don’t stand for election.

In order to understand some basic politics so that we can Politicise Beyond Authority, My Black Cat has discovered a helpful website.

It is called the Ism Book.

Now, My Black Cat tells me she may have discovered the reason for the origin of the conspiracy theories concerning Common Purpose.

But first she says she will need to look up the meaning of some words.

They are:














Well, My Black Cat, I hope you don’t expect me to read all this guff. Hubris is hubris is hubris. Any political ideology can creep into Black Hubris. None of this will change the way we witches vote!

However, can I presume, that when you have read it, you are going to be able to answer the question:

“Why is there a conspiracy theory surrounding Common Purpose?”

P.S. Incidentally, Sir David Bell, of Pearson, The Financial Times, Common Purpose, The Media Standard Trust and much more, has made a short video explaining what “Leading Beyond Authority” is about. He says it means “going the extra mile.” You don’t suppose they are backtracking on this now, My Black Cat?

Back sometime……..

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