Posted by: Witch Doctor | September 23, 2009

WD Apology (34) – Meandering around democracy


The Witch Doctor has spent the past couple of hours thinking about whiskey barrels. water-butts, grape vines, lemon trees, The Lisbon Treaty and democracy. In a strange way they are all connecting together in her brain, but it would disturb her too much to explain why.

Ireland is due, on the 2nd October, to vote on the Lisbon Treaty.


The First Referendum resulted in the Irish saying NO! Apparently the EU did not like this result. They hope the punters will vote PROPERLY in the Second Referendum.

My Black Cat, are the Irish stupid or something?

Why don’t they do what the EU wants them to do?


Now, here are the thoughts that are rattling around and around inside The Witch Doctor’s brain today:

The UK government did NOT have a referendum on The Lisbon Treaty.

And yet these great UK representatives of the people seem very, very keen to have their citizens involved in all sorts of much more mundane things.

Take medicine as an example:

Remember PMETB – the spin here and here

Remember The Citizen’s Juries.

And what about the current The Big Care Debate where we are all going to be “Shaping the Future of Care Together?” (Thanks to Cat Lady for spotting this one).


You would think that, with this degree of enthusiasm over the democratic process in gathering the communal voice of its citizens, that the UK government would have bent over backwards to have a referendum over the Lisbon Treaty here too.


The Lisbon Treaty, they say, is of extreme importance.

But no referendum for us.

The UK citizens are not to have a say.

Why do you think that is?


You don’t suppose, My Black Cat, that the exercise of orchestrating the mobilisation of public opinion by spinning silly questions like whether patients like to “choose” (of course patients will say they like to choose!!!) and ignoring or lying spinning about results when they are not suitable, that we are in fact seeing the sun setting on democracy in the UK?

Do you suppose all this amassing of views from the citizens of this country is a front?

Do you suppose the information gathering is for quite a different purpose?

Do you suppose it is much more difficult to spin the results of a referendum than to have, say, a citizens jury with helpful facilitators present?

Eh, My Black Cat?

No? You don’t suppose so?

You think it’s much more likely that the citizens of the UK are particularly dim-witted and cannot be trusted to vote PROPERLY on a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

I suppose so, My Black Cat. The Irish are probably just as dim-witted or they would have voted PROPERLY the first time around.

Maybe the Irish government is even more dim-witted for allowing them to vote in the first place.

Maybe we are blessed with an extremely clever government in the UK.

Goodness gracious me, My Black Cat, our roles seem to be reversing. The Witch Doctor’s thoughts for a moment were slurping about in the Conspiracy Cauldron.

I’ll need to get a grip of myself.

The problem, My Black Cat, is that we have not fully explored the meaning of the word “democracy” yet. I suppose others understand it better than we do.

By the way, My Black Cat, is the word “citizen” getting under your skin as much as it is mine?

Back sometime……..

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